And so it begins…

Jodie Llewellyn

26. Australian. Writer. Traveller. Reader.


My best friend Lyn inspired me to start this blog. I’m not really too sure what I’m going to write about because there is only so much of my life that I’d like to share with the general public. But according to Lyn, it is important for aspiring writers to have a platform in which to market their work. Now, I don’t exactly have any work to market, but hey, it isn’t going to hurt to jump on the blogging bandwagon 🙂

So, on that note… welcome to my blog!

It’s going to be about me, a 26 year old, Australian, aspiring author. Hopefully my posts will motivate me to continue working towards my dreams, and motivate fellow writers out there in cyber space too.

About Jodie @ Words Read & Written

Book blogger & aspiring author.
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2 Responses to And so it begins…

  1. Pleased to meet you. Hope your blog has worked out well for you so far =)


  2. Very nicely done…. found it helpful and interesting.


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