Nanowrimo Inspiration

At the beginning of my story, my main character is imprisoned by the king. I always thought it would be a damp and derelict place, but this is way better!

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8 Responses to Nanowrimo Inspiration

  1. A.D. Everard says:

    Oh wow – wouldn’t it be something to live there? 🙂


  2. Oh I remember seeing one prison like this in Switzerland and thinking , “Hmm….not a bad place!”


    • jodiellewellyn says:

      I don’t think there is anything like visual inspiration. It’s where I get all my idea from. That, and dramatic instrumental music.


      • Bettie says:

        I’m with you on that one… Give me the right music or photo or scenery (whether an alley downtown or while out on a drive in the country), or even a headline from a news story and my pencil wants to dance across the pages. Yes, pencils: my weapon of choice for writing (as in creating/seed generating) is my favorite mechanical pencil paired with my favorite spiral notebook. My computer is for the other half of the writing work we know and love (editing). I think that makes up the balance of power in what I was always taught as the writers’/artists’ formula re:inspiration v. perspiration.


  3. embrystical says:

    Nice. 🙂


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