Nanowrimo, Day #06

This feels like my Nanowrimo experience so far in a nutshell:

Because it’s the way I write. I have just over 8,000 words down and the words span out over fifteen chapters. I’m one of those weird writers that can’t start at chapter one and write each chapter, one after the other. I write sections, anything that pops to mind and then I go back and join them all together… Is that weird?

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4 Responses to Nanowrimo, Day #06

  1. If you are weird, then my wife is weird… she takes a long time to finish a song at times because she thinks of it in segments.

    Even if it is weird, who wants to be “normal”?
    Nice quote!


  2. embrystical says:

    If only I could do better at finding a plausible way to get from a wedding, to a murder, to an argument, to a threat, to a fire, to a funeral. Bah.


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