How did you start your writing journey?

I guess in some ways I’ve always been writing.

I’ve kept a journal and written in it religiously since I was 11. So writing has always been with me in some way, shape, or form. I’ve always liked that feeling you get when you get everything down on paper – it’s therapeutic.

I stared writing for fun in maybe… *thinks*… 2004. That was when I discovered Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter fanfiction so my creative writing really stemmed from there. I still have more than a few fanfiction pieces floating around cyber space under various pennames. Ah the days of Dramione. Good times.

It wasn’t until I was taking a creative writing elective at University that I really considered writing original fiction. We were talking about getting ideas from visual sources and an idea for a novel popped into my head and has stuck there ever since. I still haven’t managed to write that story , but it’s brewing away nicely in my head.

My first completed novel was Sector12 which is the first book in the Nova Rose Trilogy. I wrote it in 2.5 weeks and let it sit on my computers hard drive for over two years before sending it to some agents to “test the waters”. I started that process in September and have since been editing and editing and editing some more because 2.5 weeks of  writing does not equal an excellent novel.

Currently I’m working on Isla + Morax which is my Nanowrimo novel and I have two more ideas for other books I want to write in the future.

And I guess that’s my writing journey to date.

How did you start your writing journey fellow readers?

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13 Responses to How did you start your writing journey?

  1. I started my writing journey as a kid. My first story was about me meeting an alien and us going to the grocery store. I turned it in as a third grade writing project in school. 🙂


  2. A.D. Everard says:

    Frustration began my journey. I was about 8. I wanted so much in an adventure, but the movies and books were lousy back then and the endings were never what I wanted. I would go to bed at night and rework the fiction in my mind to be as I wanted it to be.

    Of course, soon I was making up my own stories, and I played at writing from about 10 onwards. I was 12 when I thought I ought to get serious if I actually wanted to write a book. After that it was a life long hobby and my priority for free time (which meant any time I wasn’t doing something else – school or homework or chores).

    I began writing science fiction at 13, and finally published in my early 50s (I’m glad I started when I did because it gave me heaps of time to get good at it). Two books of a sci-fi series so far, with a third one on the way and another handful to write. And I’m loving it.




  3. halfbreedfox says:

    My writing developed late in life because of my insecurities. I finally began to indulge and hone my skills through fanfiction and now finally in original fiction.
    I want to learn more about your novel Isla + Morax. What’s it about? What’s the setting? How is your Sector12 novel coming? Do you just have this one part of the triology?
    Sorry. I tend to be too curious.


    • jodiellewellyn says:

      What sort of fanfiction did you dally in? I was always a bit of a Harry Potter fan.

      Isla and Morax is an epic fantasy (kings, castles, forests). What is it about… that’s a difficult questions to answer without going into too much detail. In a nutshell it’s a romance that focuses on the problems that arise when you have something special that everyone else wants.

      Sector12 is basically done. It just needs work. I read it and see a lot of promise but it just isn’t ready yet. And yes, just one part but the subsequent two are planned out.


      • halfbreedfox says:

        I’m an anime nerd, so my first FanFiction was a Yu Yu Hakusho one. I’ve since did little ramblings of my own in other anime.
        Have you ever shared your original stories on the internet or anywhere? How about sharing on WordPress?


      • jodiellewellyn says:

        No I’ve never shared original work. I sort of write original work with the intent that it might one day be published. But maybe sometime I’ll write something for the internet. Who knows 🙂


  4. I started my journey at the young age of nine. Reading fantasy and watching films with my dad. Eventually we wrote our own stories in school for English class. As soon as Lord of The Rings came out, I was hooked and my mind was bursting with ideas.

    My mind was like yours, bringing things to a slow boil with my first and current novel, The Kingmaker Saga. A fantasy saga built around a legendary line of warriors called Kingmakers in a world filled with conspiracy and war.

    The whole story came into my head during my travels around Australia. The landscape helped me forge the world and craft some of the people in it.

    That’s me, 🙂


  5. Thanks for liking my post on Darkcargo, jodiellewellyn!

    I started with poetry in second grade and wrote a couple of stories at age 13 or 14 … a spy thriller featuring me and the daughter of the German head of state (yeah, right) … and a fantasy about a sentient redwood tree (trees in California that live thousands of years.) I wrote a lot of other things as a freelance writer (ads, magazine articles, broadcast) and finally got around to science fiction in more recent years. I think I’ve come home.


  6. Ray Daley says:

    I started writing when I was about 8, writing stories for English class. Because I grew up on Doctor Who, Blakes 7, Space 1999 & Hitch Hikers (as well as reading lots of sf) it turned into the stuff I wrote myself.
    I also write fanfic & have released a couple of my Terminator stories, a couple of Blade Runner stories and 4 Doctor Who stories last month to celebrate the 50th Anniversary.
    I’ve got more, and good thing is because it’s stuff I know and love it really hits the spot with certain readers.


  7. embrystical says:

    Not sure how I started. But last year I was at a point where a character had been based on my teacher, and she used to proofread it for me. Still does, as far as I am aware. But now I have two English teachers and a History teacher doing that very same job. Oh, yes, and I HAVE written a query letter – a rather badly set-out one, in fact – so that makes me proud.


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