How do you develop your writing ideas?

I am very visual. I’ve written two novels lately and both ideas stemmed from images.

Sector12 stemmed from this image:

And Isla + Morax stemmed from this one:

From there I pull out my iPod, put on some dramatic, instrumental music (movie soundtrack style) and I brainstorm. And somehow novels come to life.

How do you develop your writing ideas, fellow writers?

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8 Responses to How do you develop your writing ideas?

  1. elleclouse says:

    Most of my story ideas come from dreams that I’ve had. Some are full length novel dreams, some are just a scene and I have to brainstorm the rest. I use Pinterest to keep images that inspire me to further my ideas, too.


  2. miguelalex888 says:

    Anything! Movies, current events, books, life experience…
    My stories are usually a giant collage of different inspirations. I always try to add my own twist to them, of course.
    Once I have a basic story down I let them cook in the back of my mind for a long time. From then on its just refining until I have something I can put down into words.
    Oh and the last image you showed reminded me of my favorite sculpture;


  3. PJ says:

    I’ve had a novel idea come from a Youtube clip of a Les Miserbles… Sometimes, it starts with an image in my head, sometimes it’s a line from a song, but after that initial spark, I have to sort out the details the hard way. šŸ™‚


  4. mexicanada says:

    My ideas normally start with a line, some random sentence appears in my head and won’t let me rest until I’ve figured out the story that will envelop it.


  5. embrystical says:

    Wednesdays. I get up and go to school, get through Geography, and then it just COMES to me in Music. We have the best music teacher ever. And then, of course, we get trig before lunch, and choir (more best music teacher ever). But by the time I get home, I’ve forgotten all my ideas!


  6. ernestwhile says:

    Images alone almost never do it for me. Sadly a lot of my stuff comes from experience, and then it just brews around until I have to spew it out. Character development is difficult in a blog because readers expect to be in and out fast, quick fix. Some of the characters I work up would be better served by longer, more invested formats… and in the blogosphere this means coming back to them later and rewarding longer-term readers with the familiarity of an old face.


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