What makes you unique as a writer?

This is a really interesting and difficult question that I stumbled upon over here at selfpublishingteam.com. Because quite honestly, I don’t really know…

I feel like being a writer makes me unique as a person, especially living in a small town where most people I know don’t even read books let alone write them. But what makes me unique as an actual writer? What sets my work apart from others?

Honestly… in this generation, where there are so many avenues for getting your work out into the world. I think what makes me unique is that I don’t want to self-publish. I’m quite happy to write a million books and send a million query letters until I find an agent and publisher. I want to be traditionally published and if I’m never signed by an agent and never published by a major publishing house then that’s okay, because I’ll still be writing. And maybe that’s what makes me unique. That drive to write something commercial and publishable.

Hard question… what makes you unique as a writer fellow bloggers. I hope you have better luck answering the question than I did.

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8 Responses to What makes you unique as a writer?

  1. arranbhansal says:

    A very good question indeed! I guess your experiences do.


  2. robertsonwrites says:

    This is a very difficult question. I have read many different types of writing styles, I think that there are benefits to being any “type of writer”. I am often told that I see the world in a different way than the majority of people, but as I read more and more, I am not certain that this is necessarily true. I think most writers have a unique view of the world and that is what makes them talented storytellers.


  3. Nina Kaytel says:

    I hope that the elements in my fantasy novels will help me stand out. I didn’t read fantasy, I started writing to emulate older RPG video games. That influence will either paper my wall with rejections or help me stand out.


  4. I think that to be unique as a writer we have to believe in ourselves, take risks, experiment and stop comparing ourselves to other writers. We just have to keep writing who we are. Find that passion that keeps us writing.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  5. dgabre says:

    Uniqueness as a writer to me probably more links, firstly, to your own experience. No one has lived the same life as you. (which refers back to “write what you know”). Secondly, I think most people have a voice that can be unique to them. Some writers emulate others, and you’ll always be influenced by what you’ve read, but at the core of it – there’s a way of speaking or telling the story that is you. I think it might depend on what we write as well. For me, when I write fiction I often draw on my personal experiences, but when I write fantasy I like to think it’s my interest in a good story and convincing world building. But not sure how I do that differently from others. Definitely a hard and interesting question!


  6. I have written short stories n poems. Though i aspired to author a novel, ever since my childhood, i never had the time & drive to do that. I do lots of introspection & retrospection, and journal them. Recently while going through my journal… i found a apt plot, scheme, and all that necessary to make up a novel, the story began to spin in my mind, bring out the characters, so i started with a rough draft… Now having finished my rough draft, am gearing up for the real work. I gave the rough draft to my friends circle to read, they gave the feedback that it was a compelling read… but i realized from the feed backs, that i need to improve my vocabulary and grammars to make my work a standard read. I have used poems in my novel to spice up the read, may be i can call that as unique in me a as writer as of now….. whats really unique in my writing ? am yet to find it…..

    When you say “being a writer makes me unique as a person”. Exactly that’s the way i feel too 🙂

    Thanks for your awesome blog:)


  7. embrystical says:

    The first thing that really enters my mind is the fact that there’s two characters: one based on myself, minus some major unusual points, the other based on a teacher. The catch: they’re sisters and the one based on the teacher is a spoilt little brat. I’m lovely, obviously! 😛


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