Who is your favourite character of all time?

After much thought, I’ve narrowed it down to two choices…

1. Jack Sparrow – Pirates of the Caribbean

Because honestly, Johnny Depp in that role is pure goal.

2. Draco Malfoy – Harry Potter

Because only Draco could inspire as much fanfiction as he has 🙂

Fellow readers, who is your favourite character of all time?

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7 Responses to Who is your favourite character of all time?

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    Johnny Depp is pure gold.. haha! And of course Draco because he’s hot.


  2. You gotta love Snape’s story line/epic love story too though!


  3. addisoncrow says:

    Locke Lamora from the Gentleman Bastard series and Lyon Burke from Valley of the Dolls.


  4. aspenlinmer says:

    Great choices!

    Mine would be…1.Severus Snape, and 2. Sam Gamgee (both from the books…not necessarily the movies).



  5. Aamil says:

    Atticus Finch from ‘To kill a mockingbird.’

    The father I never had.


  6. TRShakespeare says:

    I must admit that that I love Draco Malfoy just as you as well as Severus Snape from Harry Potter.

    But my favourite Character of all time is the Doctor from Doctor Who, I just can’t resist the man , his many faces, the mystery and his blue box. *sigh* To travel all time in space would just be so magical.


  7. embrystical says:

    Eddard Stark or Jon Snow. Obviously!


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