How important are book covers in getting you to read a book?

For me, not very important at all. But that’s because I don’t often pick up books and start reading them on a whim. I usually float around GoodReads for a while, see what’s trending, see what’s popular, see what has good reviews and only then I’ll pick up something to read.

That, or I’ll read what friends have recommended to me.

I will pick up books in bookstores that catch my eye. But I’ll almost always check out reviews online before purchasing. Unless, of course, it’s from an author I like.

How important are book covers to you fellow bloggers? I know writers who are self-published would think they’re very important… am I right?

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15 Responses to How important are book covers in getting you to read a book?

  1. Jay Dee says:

    I think they’re important for attracting readers to buy the books. For me personally, I don’t buy a book based on its cover. I don’t buy it based on reviews, either. I buy it based on the summary on the book or online. I don’t like to judge a book by its cover. I will read plenty of self-published books, and some good books have bad covers, while others that have nice covers are actually not very good books.


  2. As for me, book covers are important coz it’s what gets me to pick up the book and read it’s synopsis. I guess I’m the type of person who “eats with their eyes,” in this case, I’ll read it if it has an amazing cover. Well, book cover first then read the plot then check the price and if it’s all good then I’ll buy it! 🙂

    Btw, thanks for liking my first post! I’ve seen your blog and now I’m one of your followers! 🙂


  3. miguelalex888 says:

    To me personally? They are something pretty to look at, or put on display. Nothing more. Cover art doesn’t decide what I will read.
    However, I think in terms of the market, it is absolutely important to have a good cover. Not everyone is out there scouring the web for what books are good right now…a lot of people are just browsing a store, or amazon, and see something with a nice title and cover art. And then, they’ll go read the summary and see if it is something they’d buy or not.


  4. Widdershins says:

    If I’m browsing in our local library a book cover will be the first thing that catches my attention … however I seldom browse. I too read books that I’ve heard about through an online review (blog or otherwise) or recommendations by friends, (online or otherwise 😀 ) or ‘back cover’ blurbs.
    Covers are important, no doubt about that, but any more important than other ways of discovering books? I don’t know.


  5. lawrenceez says:

    Covers are crucial, but mostly I get a better impression of the story from looking at the writing style of the book. A lot of the stuff I read, thrillers, doesn’t match up to the reviews.

    Nice blog.


  6. elleclouse says:

    The cover is very important since it’s the first glance the reader has of the book. Sometimes you only have a split second to get a readers attention and that all falls on the cover. So they say not to judge a book by its cover, but people totally do.


  7. RSAGARCIA says:

    Damn important. I make my first decision based on it. Do I pick up the book? Depends on the cover. But then again, I’m an old fashioned girl who did most of her selecting for reading in a bookstore or library before Goodreads came along 😉

    Thank you for stopping by! Hope you come again soon.


  8. Covers tell me dark or light — and that’s increasingly important to me. I want depth in what I’m reading, and more often, that comes with the darker covers. I know, I’m generalizing! And I do have days when I crave the lighter work. But not many. Hmm. Good topic for re-thinking.


    • jodiellewellyn says:

      You know… I never would have thought of that. Maybe unconsciously. But I never really realised that covers reflect the actual content. I suppose that’s why chick-lit books are always bright pink. hehe.


  9. A book that looks like it belongs to a genre you read is more likely to catch your attention. If it looks like a genre you don’t read, or if it looks unprofessional, it’s a red flag. Of course, by ‘you,’ I mean ‘me’ much more than ‘you,’ if ‘you’ know what ‘I’ mean. 🙂


  10. simondewar says:

    I enjoy art, so I enjoy good cover art. A good or bad cover wont dissuade me from reading a book.. but I’m more likely to read the blurb/synopsis if it had striking cover art.


  11. Sadly, they are very important for marketing… Which is strange for E-readers. It’s not as if the book will sit on a shelf… And yet the market research confirms that it helps sales.
    ~~People are strange…~~


  12. Jack The Stripper says:

    I think they’re pretty important, as no matter what it’s the first thing that you usually see and are drawn too, so an attractive, intriguing or even shocking cover, well designed, can help market your book. Market, that is. It won’t sell if its crap! BTW, big thanks for liking my blog page on that very subject: much appreciated! Jack x


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