What genre do you write in?

Out of curiosity… what genre do you all write in?

I tend to write either YA-SciFi or YA-Fantasy. And generally urban fantasy or urban sc-fi too.

What genre do you all write? And more importantly… why that specific genre?

Why do I write young adult science fiction and fantasy? Probably because it’s what I like to read. I like the excitement of a world that is slightly different from ours but still completely recognisable.

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20 Responses to What genre do you write in?

  1. elleclouse says:

    I write paranormal romance. Paranormal includes sci-fi and fantasy, and I always introduce my work as romantic fantasy.


    • wbarrington says:

      Am struggling with a first draft of a literary fiction (ugh) novel and wishing that I’d gone with something more genre instead. Unless you’re counting lit.fic. as a genre too?


  2. Karen says:

    Urban fantasy with an occasional bit of horror or crime.


  3. s0lus says:

    Mystery, supernatural and romance! 😀


  4. indiana2solo says:

    I mostly write YA-Fantasy but I want to write more Science Fiction. I haven’t yet as I really want to do it justice and so research and such to build off of. Most of my fantasy writing is historically based so as a history major I have a knowledge base to tap into.


  5. Ady says:

    Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy, and toying with kids writing as well


  6. Ashley says:

    lit fiction and nonfiction essays


  7. Widdershins says:

    Speculative Fiction


  8. simondewar says:

    Horror, although I think I wrote something that could be called Dark Fantasy once. Ironically I sold that story and cant sell half my horror ones, so what does that tell you?!?!? *shakes fist at sky*


  9. adventuresofafirsttimewriter says:

    Romance Fiction


  10. rainsharmin says:

    Since I have only recently started getting my head around the idea of writing novels (I’ve only ever done poetry, and the occasional short story before), I stick to writing about what I know, which is basically slice of life, and coming of age. 🙂 I also have some elements of fantasy in some of my writing, since I’ve seen a lot of fantasy fiction through my love of video games. ^^


  11. Literary and historical fiction, for now, but I don’t want to limit myself, I want to write what I feel.


  12. I write medieval Fantasy because that is where I live (in my head). I was pulled in through Lewis’ wardrobe when I was 7, and thereafter kept pursuing the “Otherworld”. Middle Earth is vastly superior to the modern one. So I live to recreate these worlds/tales in my own work.


  13. YA/NA contemporary romance. Would love to do historical or paranormal at some point in the future, too.


  14. I would strongly suggest you get a group with face to face interaction. I wrote a couple articles on the subject if you’re interested.


  15. Zaggeta says:

    Science Fiction – typically military science fiction. I also write dystopian speculative fiction.


  16. embrystical says:

    High Fantasy (YA/Adult) – Not even sure who the protagonist is anymore. And I do it because I can’t write MG, due to how much the books I read have impacted on my writing.


  17. I write YA realistic fiction normally but I also have a fantasy manuscript I’m working on for September.
    I enjoy reading YA sci fi, The Drowned Cities (Ship Breaker) by Paolo Bacigalupi is my current favorite but I can’t write in it.


  18. ernestwhile says:

    I write because I have to. What spills out is mostly non-fiction, or closely wrapped non-fiction, or some twisted nightmare. I suppose I will never really build a following as such because readers never really know what they’re going to get.

    That said, often what motivates me is pain, so if you need a good cry, I’m pretty reliable like that.


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