Where is your favourite place to write?

I was writing here today:

But the beach isn’t my favourite place to write – too many distractions. My favourite place to write is probably my bed. I have a MacBook Air so I like to sprawl out, put some mellow music on my iPod and settle in for a couple of hours. Oh, and the later the better. I write particularly well from about 10pm to 2am.

Where do you guys like to write? And do you have any odd writing quirks? I like my house to be immaculately clean… I’m not sure how this helps my writing flow, but it does!

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37 Responses to Where is your favourite place to write?

  1. My favorite place to write is at the coffee shop down the street. Most of the people in there are college students and it has a nice ambient environment to it. A weird writing quirk? Well I have to have all the books in my bag out with their spines facing me as inspiration. It’s weird, but I like it πŸ™‚

    BTW, that beach looks absolutely gorgeous.


  2. jmanuel1 says:

    The cafe is nice, home has too many distractions ~Ooh! I’m gonna grab a snack!~ And when I sit and write, I have to run around the block after awhile, or jump up and down.


  3. bkstrange says:

    My bed, for now, until I find a cafe or restaurant that has the right atmosphere to it.


  4. I wish I had a beach to write at! I write in my office because I must be alone! I can’t do the public places/coffee shop/bookstores route. For one thing that would require more appropriate clothing than pajamas, secondly I wouldn’t be able to yell at my computer or talk out a scene aloud, and lastly I’m too paranoid of everyone looking over my shoulder and spying on my words! πŸ™‚ It’s interesting that you write late in the day; many people like to do it early. I prefer mid-afternoon. And music is a must!


  5. My very best writing is done on the couch when I very first wake up. My body is slow and lazy and I don’t want to do anything else and everything jus flows perfectly.


  6. A.D. Everard says:

    I can’t write in public. Even if I’m just jotting down notes of inspiration, I’ll just about code the things! I’ve always had a private corner or a private room I will set up as an office and that’s where I work, but I have to be alone. I don’t let anyone see anything until it is polished and as perfect as I can get it. I don’t even discuss my ideas. I’m not sure what that makes me. πŸ™‚


  7. hesthermay says:

    You are very much like me for several reasons –
    1. Writing in bed
    2. with a MacBook Air
    3. of course with music
    4. late at night.
    You are not like me in the following way:
    – immaculately clean house? I should think not.


  8. hesthermay says:

    But I can write anywhere with my MacBook – in bed, on the couch, at my desk, in the tram, during class (tehehe)


  9. Karen says:

    I used to write in the living room, in the kitchen, etc. The family complained – and now I write in a tiny room, crammed with books. This is rather inspiring.


  10. I mostly write in my computer room at my desk. I almost always need to have music playing loudly and solitude, though I have been known to write with someone else in the room.


  11. I don’t have any particular place, but I have found that the rain sound on simplynoise.com is a good way to reduce distractions. And I have three noisy children around all the time!


  12. Andrew says:

    My desk, since all I have is a 23″ all in one desktop to write on…it would be kinda hard to take it around to write. I read someplace that someone suggested a McDonald’s or Burger King would be the perfect place to write. It’s quieter then somewhere like starbucks and you’re less likely to run into someone looking to chat. Those were the person’s points. Interesting thoughts.


  13. MeliSwenk says:

    I’d love to set up camp and write there! πŸ˜€ Beautiful shot.


  14. Wow that is awesome view, but I know what you mean about too many distractions.

    My favourite place to write is the library. I love my little library hidden in the back streets of my village. It’s purple inside and it makes me feel calm and warm. It’s got little tables that are situated right at the back, suited for more quiet tasks such as writing and this is where I sit. On my breaks I have a wonder around, and ears drop on conversations which give me much inspiration!

    Thanks for dropping my blog.

    Chelsea – Louise


  15. What a beautiful beach! A reminder of lovely summer days … I used to write anywhere, on a paper writing pad, and then type up later on my computer at my desk. Since I got a laptop, I type sitting on the sofa with my feet up.


  16. I write wherever the inspiration flows from. Tend to just get behind a pc, though.


  17. theforgivingrealist says:

    I need music to write, it helps me block everything else out and focus. I have an office, but sometimes my dogs get antsy that they aren’t getting a all the attention so I end up sharing the couch with them. πŸ™‚


  18. theforgivingrealist says:

    I have an office, but my dogs always get antsy because they aren’t get my undivided attention. So that usually means I am writing stuffed between two big dogs on my couch. πŸ™‚


  19. I’ll try to post a pic on my blog and let you know when it’s up. Quite busy with the holidays and getting my first short story ready for nooks and kindles.


  20. dustomundo says:

    Anywhere that’s quiet, and the less distractions and interruptions the better.. which happens to be nowhere I’ve discovered yet.. Why do you think I’ve given up on writing?


  21. emmlaa says:

    I write the same time as you I think… night owls unite…. I like to have music my ipod that isn’t too heavy in my head to drown out creeky house sounds while sitting on my beaten up green sofa, so small I can cocoon myself in. I also need a cleanish room… can’t be too cluttered or my mind just shuts off lol.


  22. Paul J. Stam says:

    Thank you so much Jodie for letting me know that you liked my post from my most recent novel “Telephone Killer-Excerpt 18” on writingiam.wordpress.com. My first novel was published before you were born in 1968 and I have learned to write almost anywhere. For me it is not the place, but the time, usually in the morning, I will be following you to see and encourage you in your writing. – Thanks you again for liking Chapter 18 and Aloha – pjs.


  23. I really enjoyed your post! I like to write wherever its quiet. I do most at home, but I have to be alone. If my partner is home, it can’t happen. I work in a school so sometimes I’ll take advantage of the library.


  24. jumeirajames says:

    Two places
    1. a small desk facing a blank wall (a la Stephen King)
    2. Hotel rooms

    I finished my book in a small hotel in Doha, Qatar by always following the same routine – dinner, shower, dressing gown on, music, table with no view.
    I picked the music to suit the chapter I was writing.
    The funeral scene in Vienna was set to White Night by Ludovico Einaudi. The war scenes were accompanied by a selection from Two Steps to Hell – Protectors of the Earth for Attack and Hearts of Courage for Defence.
    If you haven’t found these performers yet they’re worth getting to know.

    Love the blog btw.


  25. Bumba says:

    Have you tried the bus?


  26. shunpwrites says:

    My favorite place to write is away from the uber-connected world that we live in. It is only here that I can get clarity and peace of mind to make sense of it all! Typically along the banks of a stream, river, ocean and the like.


  27. Faythe. says:

    Funnily enough, I find that the best place for me to write is in a busy cafe with a big mug of coffee at hand. If I try to write in a quiet office, or in my room, or at the beach, I can’t concentrate and I end up reading blogs or going on Facebook instead of writing. In a busy cafe, the energy of the place seems to spur me on. Plus, there’s always interesting characters coming in and out, which gives me inspiration as well.
    My writing quirk? I write best when I dress up in a fun, beautiful, or extravagant outfit. If I look good, I feel good, and if I feel good, I write a lot better. Superficial? Maybe – but it’s worked pretty darn well so far πŸ˜‰


  28. Here’s an extension of this thread a new blog post for you. “Where’s your favorite place to read?” πŸ™‚


  29. lazloferran says:

    I have OCD so yes, I absolutely have to have everything clean before I start. What time I write seems to depend on the book: I certainly get a lot of ideas before 11 am but I can only write action adventures and sci-fi during daylight hours. Evening and nighttime are much better for Occult Thrillers and action adventures.


  30. embrystical says:

    Mm, good question…probably first thing in the morning, about 6:30am. My ML/Q playlist keeps me more than occupied.


  31. Hey Jodie. My writing places so far have been: my office at work when I have free time, my small room at home in the dark and nearby cafes. One of my favorite places though (but much less frequent), is the rice paddies outside my house (I live in Taiwan). I don’t know why, but staring at them gives me a feeling of tranquility (especially in summer) and I’ve had quite a few inspired moments sitting on their sides. The only quirk, or habit, that I really have is listening to music that is more or less in line with what I’m writing about. I find it easier writing an action scene listening to something fast paced, rather than a calming tune. The same is true vice versa.


  32. Jixi Fox says:

    I don’t know actually. I want to find a place…I do know at nights between 11pm and 12am is when my mind go wild with ideas.


  33. My kitchen table at 5:30 AM before my husband is up. I also get pretty sore just using my laptop so I normally place it on a tool box on the counter. That way the screen is at eye level without me scrunching over. Then, I use a separate PC keyboard and mouse on the table where my arms and hands can rest comfortably.

    I’m normally in a very soft and fluffy green bathrobe and, since it’s winter, blue puffy booties like these πŸ™‚ http://www.6pm.com/baffin-base-camp-dusk

    Beautiful beach!


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