What inspires you right now?

At the moment, I’m inspired by that chaos that’s going on over at #PitchMAS. My twitter pitch got four favourites (so far) so I’m a little excited by that.

But I’m also inspired by this time of the year. I live in Australia so the weather is lovely, Christmas is coming, I’m alternating between the beach and the pool, my birthday is coming up and New Years is just around the corner… *sighs happily* I love December.

I’m also inspired by my progress in plotting my next novel. It’s a dark, urban-fantasy set in Purgatory and I’m really excited about it. I have the first five chapters plotted out so far and I can’t wait to start writing in January 2014!

What’s inspiring you at the moment? What are you excited about?

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17 Responses to What inspires you right now?

  1. #PitchMAS ? Please explain.


  2. It rained here in California, for the first time in quite a while and I ended up going into the canyon by my house and sitting in my car writing while the rain fell. It was one of the most inspirational moments I’ve ever had.


  3. Widdershins says:

    I remember Aussie Christmases … we have 15 centimeters of snow on the ground as I write … I’m also loving Canadian Christmases too! 😀


  4. I tend to find inspiration from everywhere. Sometimes it comes from the way a person talks/treats me. Others, I see something that triggers a quick fancy. In those cases, I begin writing down the ideas for later and a story is born.

    Examples for each of these;

    Around this time last year, an elderly black gentleman was walking up and down the aisles. He stopped every person he met, associate and customer alike, (keep in mind I work overnights, so there isn’t much more than us on the floor) to shake their hands, ask how they were doing and wish us well.

    When I finally found myself talking with him, I couldn’t help but notice the profound sadness in his eyes. When he visited with me, his advice was to; “Live life to your fullest.” He begged me to take care of myself and trust in the Lord before he left and I was left standing there, stunned, watching him until he was out of sight.

    True story, but I was inspired to take it a step further with a short story I penned the following weekend.

    Just yesterday, while traveling to my in-laws for Christmas, my family passed multiple hearses on the highway. I didn’t think nothing of it, but when my wife made the comment that about hit being creepy, I soon thought of an idea for a pre-zombie apocalypse short story.
    My mind is always looking at things from a darker perspective. But then again, I suppose I trained it that way over the years, having guilty pleasure in horror movies, books and stories.


    But that all aside, I want to answer your question more directly; “What Inspires You Right Now?”

    Simply put, my children.

    They inspire me everyday to continue to be creative. I have to be, in order to keep them entertained, and this alone constantly reminds me that as long as I put in the hard work, I will always find myself rewarded in the end.


  5. The snow in Canada where I live is actually inspiring me. It looks really frosty and beautiful, so I can incorporate that in my writing. The only disadvantages are that heavy ice causes falling branches and power outages, and it’s freezing 😛 I guess I draw on the combination of frustration and admiration at the weather lol.


  6. What’s inspiring me atm? 1) Got my first listing on Amazon and B&N for a short called “Martha’s Kitchen”. 2) Will have another up next week, “Stasis” 3) Had a good critique session yesterday for “Little Red Revolution”.


  7. lazloferran says:

    I am currently inspired by the book Gravity’s Rainbow. The plot I can do without but the prose is amazing! Just reading a few sentences would have me grabbing the laptop to start writing.
    Btw Jodie. do you know of any other twitter feeds that are looking for book pitches and if not, when will pitchmas do another? I would like to have a go.


    • jodiellewellyn says:

      I think it’s a yearly thing. I’m not too sure. I’m really new to the world of ‘pitch competitions’ so I’m not too sure what their calendars are like.


  8. theotherwoman97 says:

    I don’t know if “inspired” is the right word, but I am driven to write because of heartache, loss and confusion. As I journey down this painful path of self-discovery, I hope that my words not only help me find order in the chaos, but perhaps help others who are also walking their own painful path.


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