Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! I hope the Easter bunny brought you lots of chocolates!

In true Aussie style, I’m off to spend the day at a friend’s BBQ.

Have a good day x

Easter morning:

The day after:

Signing off, if you need me I’ll be at Camp Nanowrimo.

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12 Responses to Happy Easter!

  1. Happy Easter 🙂


  2. pavanneh says:

    Hope you have enjoyed Easter. Getting food ready for Church breakfast and family Easter dinner tomorrow. Blessings to all. Happy Easter.


  3. bkpyett says:

    Happy Easter to you too Jodie!


  4. sklase says:

    Happy Easter. Cute bunnies.


  5. njmckay says:

    Very Cute!!! Happy Easter. (Wish it was warm here in Canada for a BBQ!)


  6. What’s on the barbie? Let me guess: shrimp?! It’s SHRIMP, isn’t it?! 😀


  7. Rose F says:

    Happy Easter, Jodie!


  8. Happy Easter Jodie hope you had a great time at the BBQ. Love the pictures, I think that last one will be me tomorrow lol


  9. Dixie Minor says:

    Happy Easter to you, too!


  10. Happy Easter!! 😀


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