Are you from a family of readers?

Two days ago I posed the question Do you have many writer friends? Today I want to know, are you from a family of readers?

For me, I grew up in the sort of household where I was read a bedtime story every night. And when I was old enough to read by myself, my parents always bought me novels. My mum was a reader and always had a novel in hand. My dad religiously reads the newspaper every day.

I just what sort of environment people grew up in, because being read to as a child and growing up with a mum who took me to the library, definitely encouraged me to read and write.

How about you?

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83 Responses to Are you from a family of readers?

  1. Michael56j says:

    I was the family reader, growing up; but we brought our children up to be readers and they still are.


  2. Dawn Piercy says:

    Readers and Writers 🙂


  3. We had a library in the house, so I spent most of my childhood reading. My mum bought me books almost every second weekend, so I think that definitely encouraged me to read and write.


  4. My mother could easily say no to toys, but she rarely said no if I asked for a book…and she always made sure I had all the notebooks and pencils I could want. She loved to read as did my older sisters so there were plenty of books!


  5. Yes, we are a family of readers. We haunt bookstores, hungry for that novel that jumps off the shelf. Not surprisingly, me and my two teenage daughters are also writers. Perhaps I can modify an old adage… The family that reads together, writes together (at least for us!)


  6. iamccsmith says:

    Both of my parents are huge readers. They were both journalists and met at a newspaper they worked for, so it makes a lot of sense that their kid wants to write novels.


  7. vscot848 says:

    I grew up not only in a family of readers, but of writers! My brother and my Mum are both writers, published either traditionally or through radio plays. Looking back, writing and reading started young in my life, and I even found some of my stories I wrote in elementary school!


  8. Sourcerer says:

    Yes. My mom read aloud to me until I was 9 or 10. She read the Hobbit to me a chapter at a time when I was six. My dad reads westerns and spy stories and biographies. Both my siblings are readers, and the Library was my primary means of recreation until I got old enough to drive.


  9. Widdershins says:

    No TV, and only one radio station. Yep, we were a family of readers


  10. barn7777 says:

    I would say that I am sort of from a family of readers, because as a child, there were many books available to me and actually it was from stories that I read as a child, where my interest in creative writing developed. However, I feel that life stressors and technology has driven some of my family away from reading but hopefully as I begin sharing my stories with them, that will change.


  11. mouth0mighty says:

    Similar too Matilda I was never bought a book from my parents, I joined the library myself as a young teen and loved reading sweet valley high and Paula danziger books. My love of reading always stayed with me and I don’t know of anyone else in my family or friendship circles that reads! (My kids have always had books, the house is full of them, they love visits to the book shop) Just this week I have found a girls book club which I’m going to start to attend. Feeling excited


  12. Kat Dullum says:

    No, books were a rarity in my house. I didn’t read my first book until seventh grade. Thankfully it was a great one, The Outsiders, and I have been hooked ever since!


  13. Dani says:

    I grew up in a family of very mathematical and pragmatic people who read but certainly not as much as I did. I was very much a black sheep in how literary I was in comparison. However, they were very inspiring and supported me in my interests. My mom always bought me books (probably too many!) and encouraged my decision to major in French language when everyone else studied business. Interesting topic of discussion!


  14. Yes! We were read to every night. My favorite was “Andrew Henry’s Meadow” by Doris Burn. I recommended it to a friend of mine a few years ago (30+ years after I read it) and it became her son’s favorite book 🙂 .


  15. David says:

    my brother Peter read Science Fiction
    and I grew into it
    flying in his space saucer.


  16. ABSOLUTELY. My older sibs read to me, my parents read, weekly trips to the library, etc. I remember being worried at age 6 because I accidentally lost my mother’s place in the novel she was reading, and even though I was only reading picture books, I understood that was a terrible thing to do to someone!


  17. Sam says:

    My mom was and still is a huge reader. My dad hasn’t read a novel since high school. My mom was a huge influence growing up and took me to the library constantly. I owe her everything for my love of books!


  18. Neither of my biological parents read a great deal, but my stepmother instilled a love of reading in me. Though we never got along in almost every other respect, I have her to thank for most of the books that inspired me to become a writer. Wow! I just realized that. Only took me 30-odd years . . .


  19. My mother’s always been a bit of a bookworm. When I was very young she always read to me in bed, and later on regularly bought me books. I am very grateful to her for that.


  20. Blessings Jodie,

    I must say that I was born in a house filled with books of all sorts, so it was always common to see me with a book in my hand all while growing up. As for your previous question (I should have answered it there, but I’m putting it here go figure), I don’t which makes for a lonesome experience–although most times I prefer it.


  21. fireflyin says:

    I was raised to be a reader. I remember my favorite book series, something called Moonbird… can’t remember the author, but it was a children’s series. Anyway, my family–not readers. They umm… they’re not much for embracing fiction (or non-fiction) for that matter. Hah…


  22. I am not from a family of readers. At least not books, they would read the newspaper and magazines but I never saw them read a book. I loved reading growing up. I have tried to teach my kids to read. My daughter loves to, oldest son will if he makes himself, middle son only if the school makes him, and the youngest does like to read. The kids enjoy but they don’t choose to read. I hope once the younger ones grow up they will because that is when the daughter really began reading. 🙂


  23. definitely 🙂 My grandma was a school librarian and my aunt is a known professional librarian and my whole family reads 🙂


  24. anndawson5 says:

    Yes, I come from a line of readers. As a child I was always a great speller and read everything I could get my hands on. I was an advanced reader right off. My mother used to read to me long before I could myself of course. I remember reading those books where you chose the path yourself. I am not sure what they are called. The book-mobile was always a giddy time for me.


  25. i wish! i don’t remember one book in our house growing up, until my Aunti had to move and we temporarily inherited her complete Britannica collection. and like any normal child, i built ‘forts’ inside the house from chairs, cushions and blankets. but unlike any other kid fort i ever saw since- one wall of my fort was ALWAYS the small bookcase that held those ‘royal’ volumes….. and i read, and read, and read, and read….. ask me ANYTHING you wanna know that was relevant up to and including 1967 in our world. i’ll bet i can still remember something!
    so when i had my own kids: they had library cards before they could read, and every week they checked out a picture book until they could; they were in reading circles, summer reading programs at the library, had every fantasy, craft, how-to, and history book i could cram into a house! i almost considered BUILDING A HOUSE OUT OF BOOKS!
    now…. you have to navigate around stacks piles and mountains of books at my kids’ homes….

    NOW, i come from a family of Readers!!

    and oh, how i miss the card catalog and Dewey Decimal System…. i should’ve been a Librarian!


  26. My entire family is one of readers. My parents as well as all my siblings. I broke my teeth in during the 4th grade with Stephen King’s, IT and never looked back. Our house was mostly full of sci-fi as that is what my parents read so I also spent a lot of time reading Piers Anthony. In my house all my kids read as well as my husband. Our house was bought based on the fact that it had a study for our books and its now FULL; in only three years. I don’t know how people can survive without books. I’m always flabbergasted when someone says they don’t read!!!???! Confusing!!! BTW – thanks for following 🙂



  27. Nope. My family was not a reading family. They were a blockbuster movie family, a prime time TV family, and many other things, but not a reading family, especially growing up. My mom will read a novel and has gone through higher education (my father doesn’t read more than the occasional newspaper article), but it is my aunt who was always the reader. And yet, with just her and her many trips with me to the library, the bookstore, and her own bookshelves, I became a reader and a writer at a very early age.

    My daughter–who does come from an intensely reader family–is writing her first novel at age nine.


  28. Love the J.K. Rowling quote! Made my day 🙂


  29. Well in my case it is kind of strange. My parents don’t really read. As a kid, I started going to the librarys and lending books to read them on my own. Before that, only my aunt told me goodnight stories, but I can’t remember that my parents did that. This aunt of mine is also a reader and she even writes poems sometimes. I probably have my love for books and writing from her 🙂 However, all of my family members really loved that I was such a great reader of books since it is always a sign of education.


  30. nisanre says:

    My mother is a reader, my father got into reading after several years of reading. I have four siblins (a sister and 3 brothers) none of them are readers. Not really, anyway. My sister has made more of an effort lately, picking up a book every other month or so. I find most of my reading-buddies in friends outside of the family. But if I’m looking for a new book suggestion, I always go to my mom first.


  31. egehlin says:

    When I was 5 or 6 years old, my Dad bought me two Marvel Comics. He also bought me a dictionary and taught me how to use it. That started me on reading.

    My Dad read at least two books a week (mostly science fiction) and when he was done with them he would leave them on the table next to the sofa. I would pick them up and read them. When I discovered a word that I didn’t understand, I consulted the dictionary.

    As the years passed I read more and more. The science fiction books and comic books fueled my imagination. The dictionary helped expand my vocabulary. This helped me in my school work.

    In high school I started reading science and history books which opened new doors for my. imagination

    When I entered college, I discovered adventure novels and pulp fiction. Doc Savage, Conan The Barbarian, The Shadow and The Spider were my favorites. I also discovered short stories and became hooked on Edgar Alan Poe and Ray Bradbury.

    Because of my Dad, those two Marvel comic books and a dictionary I have been an avid reader my entire life. Thanks Dad!!!

    Best Regards,


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