What are your blogging goals?

I finished reading The One by Kiera Cass last night, and as it often happens when I read a good book, I got really inspired and delved back into my own writing. Part of me just wants to write and read and forget everything else, but blogging has become a pretty big piece of my life too. And that got me thinking… what am I actually doing here?

It’s no real secret that I started this blog as a “platform”. My goal was to create something so when I’m eventually published, I have a place to market my work. Which is fine in theory, but I’ve committed to creating a post every second day and it has become something much more than just a platform.

I suppose what I love about blogging so much is that it keeps me on track. I wake up every morning and see comments in my inbox from beautiful writers around the world and it reminds me to write, it reminds me to create.

Which makes me think that my blog deserves to have goals all of its own. I just have no idea what they are!

What are your blogging goals? Why do you blog? Do you have some image in mind of a place where you want your blog to be? Perhaps in terms of followers, comments, content? What are you working towards with your blog?

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83 Responses to What are your blogging goals?

  1. Bookgirl says:

    My blog was created so I could meet like minded people and share some of my own words in a format other than print journalism. I also wanted to push my tech. ignorance and see if I could do it all on my own (sometimes successful, sometimes not – if you see a random picture or gobblygook in your feed it’s probably from me). Eventually I hope to release my fiction work, but that takes courage, and I’m gaining this by reading some of the wonderful works that fellow bloggers have put forth.


  2. pauljgies says:

    I use my blog (The Realm of Jacky Clothilde…) to force myself to produce at least 500 presentable words per day. Not 500 new and different words, mind you. I actually repeat a lot of words and I doubt I’ve come up with more than two or three entirely new words. Spindify. Flyunder. Thim.

    Anyway, if I’d hoped that I could get a sense of what people wanted to read, I sort of succeeded: the middle school of magic has had very little response, while people actually kept up with and finished and liked (and praised on Facebook) “The Road to Bluehorse,” the realistic space opera. It’s still there, posted as chapter pages. For free!

    The whole thing has reinforced my status, already impressively strong, as “a rumor in his own time, a legend in his own mind.” Yes, Jodie Llewellyn, on my blog I’m a pretty big deal.


  3. To be honest I’m still not quite sure as to what I want to do with blogging. I started out with wanting to showcase an online portfolio of creative work and have since returned to that original purpose, but other than that I dunno


  4. lillyhh says:

    I blog because I love to write and create (poetry, creative writing,art, themes, story etc), but I also hope to use my story to help, inspire and give hope to others through writing/blogging 🙂 And by writing in English I hope to be a English writer and need to improve that 🙂


  5. The main reason I decided to blog was to promote my writing, I figured this would be a good platform for it. In addition to this I love having the ability to express different ideas with others.


  6. M T McGuire says:

    I blog because I enjoy meeting people. I’m supposed to be building a platform but I do it far too thoroughly for that. I like the social aspect. I blog once a week, usually; sometimes less sometimes more and I try to comment on at least one post by each of my blog mates each week, too. For me twice, or once, a week is just right. Bloggers who post more than twice a week are a guilt trip for me – unless they’re news blogs or something really big like Chuck Wendig – because I feel I have to read all the posts. When your in box gets 200 notifications a day that can be a heavy commitment so I usually get a weekly digest for them and pick two posts to read.

    I should probably do my own post on this.




  7. sarahkreece says:

    More complex than I first thought! I started blogging as a way of keeping in touch with friends and sharing my at development. Then it turned into sharing about mental health to humanise and give insight. Then it became personal, about trying to share hope and break down illusions about recovery, to tear down my own public image of success and confidence and being fine. Blogging goals keep shifting and adding layers for me.


  8. Xeno Hemlock says:

    Hey Jodie,

    I’m kind of in the same boat with you. I blog so when my novel is finally available, I have an avenue to market it. If potential buyers will do an Internet search on me, they can read my blog as well.

    At the same time, it’s good for exercising those writing muscles. And I get to meet other writers around the world as well!


  9. I can’t even remember why I started my blog now. I think originally it was an online diary of sorts, and just a place for me to ramble. Now? It’s a place for me to talk about the things I am passionate about: Dragons, Writing and Gaming. One day I hope to be a published author and having a blog with help with publicity and all that, but at the moment I just really like blogging and finding people with the same interests as me.

    My short term goal for my blog is to get 100 followers 🙂 I’m 80% of the way there!


  10. Shari Risoff says:

    Jodie, if your goal has been to bring writer’s into community through your blog, you have succeeded! You come up with great questions for us to consider and you have shared your platform for us to meet each other.

    I titled my blog ‘Thinking Out Loud’ to actually test myself and see if I could release my words into the world as I got used to the new normal in my life after moving across the country. Writing has become the focus of my new normal. Initially I would post sporadically, however in the past few months I have settled on a weekly post of my own and occasional reblogging to share others’ words.

    No matter how we publish, traditionally or indie, we are responsible for our own marketing and platform-building, so that continues to be my primary goal for the blog is to provide a place where I can share my work and hopefully receive feedback from readers.
    As always, thank you for your thoughtful questions that draw us into your writing circle.


  11. I started blogging for much the same reason, but it’s now grown into an activity in itself. I find that it helps to get my brain going each day before settling back into fiction projects, and provides interesting conversations around fiction and writing.


  12. Lyra says:

    I have two blogs. One is my writing blog and the other is my Florida History blog. I started my writing blog for the obvious reasons to promote myself and my future work. My Florida history blog is because I love History, I live in Florida and I don’t think people know enough about it. I also think History is fun and fascinating.


  13. almostvvriter says:

    I signed up on WordPress to establish myself as a writer; to take my passion for writing to the next level and to just get my name out there. I’ve only just started blogging, and I don’t have much of an audience (yet), but I’m hopeful. My main goal for my baby blog is to have a regular audience and interact with other aspiring writers like myself. 🙂


  14. sklase says:

    I started my blog because of another writer blog I read. This writer was copying his rejection letters on his blog. I thought that he was brave for doing that and somehow knowing others are being rejected, too, was encouraging to me as a writer. So, I decided to do something similar. I record my rejections and acceptances, no matter how painful or exciting. Along the way, my blog has grown. I hosted a contest and included book reviews and I always include a writing thought of the day. My goal is to publish my blog at least once a week on Fridays. If anything, it is to encourage other writers who are novices like me to keep on striving to publish.


  15. 400 words a day, every day, so that I keep the creativity flowing and build up strong writing muscles. I also love sharing what I write with everybody and meeting new bloggers.


  16. A) I love the “I am kind of a bid deal on my blog” picture.

    B) I use my blog as a creative outlet for my writing and a way to keep my thoughts straight and somewhere to be held accountable for my weight loss journey.

    C) My goals? I don’t know yet. I would love more reader interaction.


  17. shegyes says:

    I tend to use my blog for several things.

    First and foremost, it’s a place to showcase my work. WordPress has made this process simple with its “Pages” feature. I love it. It’s my platform where I have covers, blurbs and links to all my own work – short stories, novels, collections, etc. Whenever I have a new book releasing, I post information about it. I have also done a cover reveal for my short story collection on my blog.

    Besides featuring posts about my work, I also use it for several other things dealing with writing and publishing. I participate in blog tours: writing reviews, posting cover reveals or book blitzes. In the future, my reviews will be less for blog tours and more from my backlog of “books to read”. The reviews I post are never below a three-star. If I read something lower than a three-star, I don’t usually finish it.

    Posts about cooking and crafts have also appeared on my blog because while I’m not good at cooking, I do like sharing what we call “experiments” in my home, where we try different things – the kind of cooking I do like. Crafts are how I take breaks from writing, even though most of my crafts of late have come from making journals. Crafts are meant for relaxation, and I believe they do their job well.

    In the future, I plan to write more posts about my research processes. I have already done a couple about my writing, editing, and publishing processes, but never anything on my research process. I intend on adding that to the list soon.

    Beyond that, I love using my blog as an outlet to connect with other writers/authors. I love trading ideas – world-building will be a big thing soon on my blog – and chatting about different processes. Learning about different people and how they work has become very important to me, and I love that a blog allows such in ways social media doesn’t seem to.


  18. I just started my blog for the exact same reasons–to hopefully, one day, have a place to market my published work. But after the very first post, I realize how incredibly powerful it is to be connected to other writers. It reminds me that I’m a writer, that there is a community for it, and makes the whole process feel much less lonely. It also gives me people that I don’t want to disappoint… the way having a work-out buddy makes you more likely to go to the gym, having people to interact with in the blogging world makes me more likely to write.

    I think my blogging goal is to connect with as many people as possible; not necessarily have the most followers in the world, but to have others that I engage with on a regular basis.


  19. j1m says:

    i blog what i feel in the moment, and hope it connects with another in some way.

    if i stop and plan too much i feel fake, and believe that is then what others will feel, and i don’t want that.

    i post about my fiction a LOT, but then it is a HUGE part of me, so if i didn’t then i would feel untrue that way.

    as for goals. i’m not sure i have any, beyond the hope that something i say or write resonates with another.


  20. Juan Zung says:

    My blogging goals have been a total mess. I started as a way to work through my conflicted thoughts about religion. That lasted for about a year. But once I worked that out, I didn’t feel any energy to continue with those conversations. Then I was randomly posting Hemingway quotes for a month. Then I decided I’d put a short story up every week for as long as I could. Which has been about six weeks now. Also, I started to post on my writing process and my experiences in my writing group.

    Overall though the one goal I keep aspiring to is the development of my voice and vision as a writer. I still haven’t found either with great clarity, but the process of regularly blogging helps.


  21. Interesting question. I started my blog because it’s expected of writers these days, but now I love it! Such a sense of community in the blogosphere, especially for a regional writer. I don’t have a defined goal, just to chat about writing and nature, and hopefully connect with likeminded people … like you! 🙂


  22. jeezusgut says:

    Not sure if I have goals for my blogging per se. I write fiction on my off hours and, like yourself, would eventually like to be published which a blog would be a useful platform for such a goal. However, I find writing on it and keep to some form of a schedule fulfilling in and of itself. I have become to rather enjoy my posts and hopefully others do as well. I guess I have been bitten by the blogging bug.


  23. I began my blog for my book as well. I have found I enjoy sharing and interacting with everyone. I love reading other blogs. I wish there was more time in the day to get to them all. 🙂 I try to post once a week at least.


  24. Jacinta says:

    I started blogging to communicate with family overseas on a larger scale, but it’s now become a platform to gain readership so that when I start publishing for money, I’ll have some sort of a reader base. Hopefully >.<


  25. CatLadyJennie says:

    I’m glad I saw your blog tonight. And your enthusiasm. I wish you so much luck!


  26. It’s mainly to meet like minded people as well as learn from others and hopefully pass whatever little I know onto people that come across my blog


  27. I hear ya! I started my blog strictly for own reflection and because I love to write. As I approach my 2nd blog anniversary, I am imagining what new goals I might set for myself. Good luck to you!


  28. fireflyin says:

    Well, I guess I also started my blog to set up a platform. I had a blog years ago, back when Xanga was still a big deal, and I used to post my random thoughts on life. It’s a bit trickier now. I do some of that in my blog now, but I guess my goal is to hone my voice. Figure out what it is I want to say. Hah. I guess right now my blogging goal is to have a blogging goal.


  29. sbethcaplin says:

    Current blogging goal is to start a dialogue in the comments. I’m new to WordPress and that never happened on Blogspot.


  30. rolltidejen says:

    I’ve never really thought about it, honestly. I started blogging at the suggestion of a family member. I have no agenda, really, other than to write. And read others’ blogs whenever I can (I play the catch-up game a lot … lol).


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