Do you always finish your novels?

As I was perusing Pinterest this morning, I stumbled across this amazing image:

Which contradicts a lot of advice in the writing world that states “always finish what you start”. I’ve written three novels this year so far (wow, that sounds like a lot) and I’ve finished all three. But I’ve definitely had times in the past where I’ve started novels and then discarded them because they weren’t panning out the way I’d expected.

Do you start a project and finish it? Or do you start multiple projects and never quite get them done?

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67 Responses to Do you always finish your novels?

  1. I start lots of things and then finish the ones that are going the best. I always hang onto the beginnings and sketches of things though–they come in handy a lot


  2. The American journalist Gene Fowler once said that ‘a book is never finished; it’s abandoned.’ I love this quotation because I don’t always finish a novel first time — sometimes I put it aside to come back and finish it off properly when I’ve thought about it further. And even when a novel’s complete I’m often unsatisfied with it and go back and polish it again later.


  3. If it’s at all possible, I finish them. I would rather finish something mediocre than have a dozen great projects that were never done. I may take a break and write other things to let things percolate, but I still try to circle back and finish. As Seal put it on his first album, “It was the best I could do at the time.”


  4. Dustin says:

    Oh the latter, definitely. I’ve started three actually (one of which is a LONG novel,) and sadly, I’ve yet to complete a rough draft. Advice, anyone?


  5. rolltidejen says:

    I’m a serial starter. The novel I picked up writing again this year was one I started in 2009 and put aside (I have a short attention span). But I WILL finish it, of this I am determined.


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