Writing Past the Honeymoon Phase

Do you guys ever get a sense that what you’re writing is the one? The one to get you an agent, the one to get you published? The one that gets you really excited because you know it’s going to be something special?

Of course, drafting “the one” is a little like finding a relationship in real life. The  honeymoon passes and you realise that it needs a little work, it needs a little polishing, the feedback from beta readers isn’t as great as you expected and suddenly your wondering what you were even thinking by claiming it was the one in the first place!

Does anyone else go through a honeymoon period with their books? You come up with an amazing idea, you draft it and then suddenly, the real work begins and you’re trying to decide if you even like the manuscript enough to commit the work whilst the beginnings of an idea for a new book start in the back of your mind.

I totally cheat on the my half finished manuscripts by placing them aside and starting something new!

Anyone else feel this way? Or just me?

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65 Responses to Writing Past the Honeymoon Phase

  1. The Laughable Cheese says:

    So true… even though I am just getting started.


  2. booksnbakery says:

    i love those ‘stages’! I totally do that!! haha.


  3. pauljgies says:

    I don’t know, but I think the longer and more you write (I’ve been writing since… well, my first manuscript was turned down for publication by Gutenberg himself, ha ha), the lower the ratio of starts to finishes. Something like this:
    Novice: Started 20 novels and finished zero
    Journeyman/woman: Started 20 novels for every one finished
    Mature novelist: Started 4 novels for every 1 finished; one of the four is great, one is crappy and the other two are in between
    Old wise ass novelist: Has three series going at once and is totally in love with all of them

    As you may know, I’ve been blogging to make myself keep writing. So I am currently working on the second of the Clay Gilbert “realistic” sci fi series, which I am in love with. Then I really need to get back to Ryel and Arkmar (Middle Earth meets Lovecraft’s Dream World), which I am in love with. But in between I wrote and blogged “Lyceum of the Lake Winds,” and I was not in love with that by the time I was done with it. No, they are not all winners. But I am too stubborn to not finish.


  4. Laura says:

    You forgot to mention the part about eating lots of chocolate! 🙂 Thanks for “liking” my post. I very much enjoyed yours. Love the adorable sketches!


  5. mikemacdee says:

    If this were tumblr I’d reblog that cartoon. That hits the nail on the head.


  6. bookishreverie says:

    This is the story of my life! Only I’m still working on actually writing a completed draft. Before I even devote myself to a story, I end up working on other ones! >_>


  7. Amy Wallin says:

    Oh yes, I do this very often. I think it was Phillip Pullman (Northern Lights Author) who advised to just keep writing even if you knew it was complete and utter trash just so you get used to writing the ending. Hard advice to follow I must say. I always think if I get a good enough idea it will see me through till the end. But somehow it never does. I think the second part of your manuscript comes from sheer willpower.


  8. This is good. Keep going! Hey, thank you for visiting my blog. Peace, T


  9. fireflyin says:

    Totally been there. All my late teens and early twenties, I let that govern how I wrote. I ended up with over 300 manuscripts stories in progress. No joke. It was… totally out of control.
    Now, I’m focused on one, with another waiting its turn. Not gonna stop until I take it the distance, however far that is. 🙂


  10. Every time. Ideas start out brilliant, then you get down to work. The good news is I that generally go from doey-eyed to committed once I get into the story. The characters aren’t just cool, they’re friends. Their story matters. It’s our commitment to it that builds a strong foundation… hey, this really does sound like relationships 😉 .


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