How did you choose the genre you write in?

I’ve written a science fiction novel, I’ve written a fantasy novel, I’ve written a contemporary novel and I’m brainstorming a new fantasy novel. I don’t think there is any rhyme or reason as to why I choose genres. I chose fantasy this time around because I want to write an epic romance. And to me, an epic romance is set in an epic setting with a million and one things that could keep the relationship from working! Hence, fantasy. But maybe next time I’ll write in another genre. I don’t think I could ever stay true to just one.

What about you guys? Do you write in one genre, or heaps of different genres? What is your genre of choice?

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61 Responses to How did you choose the genre you write in?

  1. triplec97 says:

    I mainly write epic fantasy. I feel that fantasy has a lot of openness compared to other genres and it really lets me do what I want (or the characters sometimes want). I also toy around with science fiction, although I haven’t been very good with that genre.


  2. thezwrites says:

    I’m currently writing YA Fantasy. The four novels that might be next are another Fantasy YA, a Fantasy middle grade, a historical NA, and a science fiction book aimed at adults. I write the stories that come to me, though as I get older, I expect the age group I write for will, too.


  3. Currently writing a YA sci-fi and a Paranormal Romance. Have an outline for a mystery but not much more than that.


  4. dustomundo says:

    I actually love to combine a mixture of horror/psychological,sci-fi/fantasy, in the hopes of creating some fun, character-driven, unique stories.:)


  5. tlehmann says:

    I write nonfiction humour that involves stories from my day to day life. I like to sharpen reality and turn the mundane into something entertaining for society. While I read fiction occasionally I find the best stories come out of the day to day.


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