What is your first memory of writing?

I remember when I was a kid, about 11 years old, my family and I went for a holiday on the Sunshine Coast. We went because my mum was getting a job transfer and we wanted to see what our new home would be like.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Aussie geography. The Sunshine Coast is an area up north in Queensland. It’s gorgeous. I lived there for 14 years. I miss it 🙂

Anyways, while we were up there my mum bought me this little diary. It had this massive spiral to bind the pages and had a cartoon on the front of this girl with yellow hair. I’d had diaries before and had always loved notebooks, but this one was the first that I started to write in everyday. I filled that diary and the next, and the next. I’ve kept a daily journal since I was 11 🙂

So that’s my first memory of writing. I’d write little poems and little stories and talk about my day. I still have that first one scanned into my computer 🙂 The life of an 11-year-old really isn’t all that interesting!

What is your first memory of writing? Of starting to write in a way that really stuck?

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64 Responses to What is your first memory of writing?

  1. pauljgies says:

    I’m not sure of the date, but it was in Cuneiform. It took forever for the clay tablets to dry in that soggy Mesopotamian weather. I’ll never forget the chief scribe telling me that the Great King Hammurabi wanted to meet me.


  2. kampkandis says:

    I know I’ve had memories before this one, but this is the one one that I can kind of remember… barely. Growing up an only child in a house filled with adults over 30, I loved the idea of a diary. It just seemed so cool to be able to get my thoughts out in my own terms. And so I had several diaries. But my first time really writing was the first time I had written anything “professional”. Mrs. Andrews second grade class. The assignment, if I can remember properly, was simply to write a story. It had to have a problem, solution, setting, plot, characters, and ect. We didn’t have much time to work so I was forced to think quick. Even as a child I didn’t feel confident in anything I had to do under pressure. So I quickly finished my story. My only focus was that it had all of my teachers requirements. I didn’t put much thought or effort into the story itself. My goal was to get a decent grade because I knew an A+ wasn’t happening. Long story short, mines was the best in the class. I was entered into a contest, won an award, and I was tested for my school’s gifted program (and passed). My auntie, whose an awesome, under appreciated writer, loved my story too. It’s funny because I don’t know exactly what the story was about, but I do know that it got me much recognition. And even after all that, I still didn’t realize I had a thing for writing until middle school. That was my first memory of writing.


  3. bunniesandme says:

    I started writing around the age of eight when my teacher taught me how to properly. I remember it was a story about two best friends but I don’t have it anymore unfortunately 😦


  4. Bob Marconi says:


    In a high school English class, our teacher assigned us writing assignments. How I got ‘aspirin’ as my topic I’ll never know, but there it was. Understand I wasn’t going to argue as she was beautiful and I was in love with her – sigh.

    Anyway I did the assignment and came up with 3/4 (don’t remember exactly) page paper, double spaced and done on a little portable typewriter. Dating myself here but didn’t have personal computers in the sixties.

    As I recall my grade was B+ or A- and I kept that paper for years as I was so proud of it. Unfortunately that was the extent of any real writing for me.

    I guess ‘Love’ doesn’t conquer all.


  5. I wrote a play when I was in high school, but I was too shy to show it to any one. I still recall a story I wrote for my high school English class, “At Breakfast.” I got an “A” on it. 😉

    Have you read James Ponti’s “Dead City.” I teach English Language Arts and our librarian asked if we’d read one of the new books. It was a lot of fun.


  6. Crystal Barnes says:

    My first writing memory was probably when I was 9 years old. I remember for my 3rd grade class, we had to write our very own picture book. I remember my story was about a cat named Dinah–although I don’t remember what the plot of the story was. Also, love this quote–you always have to best quotes on your blog!!!


  7. shunpwrites says:

    I was about ten years old and in a very bad place with my 5th grade teacher, who was waging an assault on my self-esteem. I wrote a book on notebook paper and stapled it together chronicling my travails, I can’t remember the particulars of it other than it giving me some semblance of power back.


  8. Jarrod C says:

    I’ve tried keeping a journal a couple of times in my life but I just couldn’t continue it. It felt like a chore to try and write something everyday. Maybe that was the wrong perspective but it kind of turned me off to wanting to write. When I began to write poetry when the mood struck me, that’s when things began to really come together for me.


  9. Dave says:

    I remember writing a short story called “The Bortons Have A Mystery”, or something very similar. See how creative I was with the family name? 🙂 And I can picture the house we lived in at the time, because I can see me gazing out the front bedroom window watching my friends play football while I couldn’t because my foot was damaged, having been kicked. And we moved out of that house when I was eight, so that’s the very oldest I could have been. Seems a lifetime ago now… Oh, wait, it is. 😉


  10. mouth0mighty says:

    My writing started with a diary when I was about 11 years old, regrettably these were thrown away out of teenage embarrassment as I got older. I then started to write extra chapters to books or tv episodes which me and my friends watched and shared them around school. My friends thought they were great. 🙂


  11. I’ve always been a storyteller and there are a few goofy little books that I allegedly “wrote” as a small child: 2 to 4 pages with maybe 6 words to a page and no plot to speak of.
    The first time that I remember writing and feeling it stick (wonderful word to describe that feeling, by the way) was an evening 8 years ago when I was severely depressed but didn’t realize it (I had written a novel by then, but it was crap, because I didn’t really understand writing yet). I had this idea for a short, so I sat down and wrote it. It was beautiful rather than flashy. Getting the words out on the page felt so good that I knew right then that I would be writing for the rest of my life.
    Having something to write and be proud of helped me climb out of that depression and has changed my life.


  12. kneeadd says:

    After watching the Disney animation, Treasure Planet, I was so inspired, I turned on my old computer and began to write a story about a boy who goes on a journey to find his parents after they were taken away by him by an evil emperor, who also destroyed his village. Wrote about sixty or so chapters for years and it’s not a very good story. I call it a practice novel because it helped evolve my writing, like a journal helps with writing too.


  13. Claire says:

    I remember having a Disney journal and using it to come up with new endings for their fairy tales


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