What are your writing goals for August?

Can you believe that it’s AUGUST!? Where in the world is this year going? Is it just me, or is it going crazy fast? I swear it’s flying before my eyes.

As most of you may have noticed, I didn’t write much in July. I pretty much wrote nothing at all. I took a much needed break from the two novels I’ve already written this year and now I’m ready to revisit them with fresh eyes and to finally start writing (and not just brainstorming) something new.

So with that in mind, my August goals are looking a little like this:

1. Start writing again! For most of this year I’ve been writing 1,000 words a day, but in August I’m going to start with 500 words a day and see how I go from there. I’m going to take the pressure off and see how it goes.

2. Keep Reading! I read so much in July and it’s something I want to continue in August. Especially considering my first ever ARC from a publisher is in the mail so I want to continue to expand the reviewing side of this blog.

3. Come out of winter hibernation. You know how in winter it seems like an awesome idea to lay around, drinking hot chocolate, and growing out your leg hairs… yeah, it might be time to get ready for beach weather 🙂 So this month I want to start exercising and eating a little better.

4. Spring Cleaning – Spring is coming! So I’m going to dedicate myself to spring cleaning my entire house throughout August. This may seem like a chore to some, but I LOVE cleaning, and I love organising. I love that feeling of looking around and just letting out a happy sigh of content *sighs*

What are you goals for August?

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63 Responses to What are your writing goals for August?

  1. misssophieleigh says:

    Finish my draft of my novel, Seredipity (which I’m about 10k or so from finishing) and then I’m going to edit the crap out of all my short stories. I have 3 finished short stories that all need editing. It’s going to be a busy month.


  2. addjaeva says:

    My goal is to work in novel writing 10 minutes a day – writing without stopping. At the end of the month I’ll edit everything written so far. I’d also like to write 1 blog post per week.


  3. Get some jokes written and recorded for a planned comedy podcast on my site. Then keep going with my epic narrative poem.


  4. fireflyin says:

    I have one firm goal. Finish a polished synopsis of my manuscript that I can send out with query letters.


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