Have you ever done a blog audit?

Have you guys ever undertaken a blog audit? I stumbled across the idea on Jessica’s blog.

The idea is to go back through all your posts, check to see that all the links are working and revamp all your tags and categories.

I love organisation so I’m thinking that this is definitely something I want to embark on!

Fellow bloggers, do you think much about the mechanics of your blog? Do you have a list of ways it could be improved? Or do you just let it trundle on without much thought? What ideas do you have for the futures of your blogs?

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62 Responses to Have you ever done a blog audit?

  1. Char says:

    I’ve attempted to limit the number of categories I have to keep things organized, and use tags for the more specific aspects of a post I want to highlight. Trying to keep up with dead links could turn into a full time job. Unfortunately, that’s the nature of the web, though I suppose you could use the Wayback Machine to find archived copies of those pages: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:Using_the_Wayback_Machine . If you have a wordpress.org site – I don’t – you could use their link checker: http://wordpress.org/plugins/broken-link-checker/

    Good luck with your audit!


  2. It is interesting to go back to old posts (to make sure I’m not repeating myself)…but a full scale audit is daunting.


  3. I have two blogs, this one with 200+ posts and another that’s been active since 2007 or so with a total of 1700+ posts. As much as I like the idea of going back and giving them all the once over to make sure everything is still working, the amount of time involved gives me pause. Unless I see something when I’m going back to review specific posts I want to reference, I just don’t see it happening. That being said, I do periodically make sure the links to other blogs form my main page and the links to retail sites from my sales page are functional. A boy has to have priorities. 🙂


  4. johncoyote says:

    It would be a good idea. Sometimes there is a better way or set-up then you are using.


  5. jennypughuk says:

    Haha, I should really, but then I have 5 blogs so I’m not sure I’d fit them all in! I’m adding it to the never-ending to-do list so thanks for posting 🙂


  6. amber28wwmwd says:

    I love organizing TOO much: I always get bogged down in blog audits before I’ve even posted four times! It’s paralysis analysis at its best. :-p


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