Readers, how do you treat your books?

I’m a spine breaker. I admit it. I buy a new book and the first thing I do is break the spine. I like my books to literally fall open to the page I was last at. I also like to read with the book folded over, like this:

That said, I can’t dog-ear pages. I literally can’t do it. If I can’t find a bookmark I’ll use anything to mark my spot – a receipt, a bobby-pin… anything! The idea of dog-earing a page is awful. But, the other night I was perfectly happy to let my bird nibble along the edge of myΒ pages while I was reading.

I’m a complete and utter contradiction! How do you treat your books? Do you write in the margins? Break the spines? Spill food all over the pages? Or when you finish a book does it still look perfect? I love my books looking battered and well-loved πŸ™‚

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95 Responses to Readers, how do you treat your books?

  1. rlsharpe says:

    I’m the same as you. I always break the spine, and I don’t dog-ear pages, anything will do as a book mark except that.


  2. Lani says:

    Spine-breaking πŸ˜› is inevitable when you read a good book over and over again. I actually don’t like it when books fall apart, pages fall out, etc. I enjoy the feel of a new and old/worn down book. But this is a good question to ask when you borrow books! I remember my friend joking about how worn his book was after I borrowed it! Egats! I don’t mind dog-ears, reminds me of my youth, when I was getting into reading – the “pre-bookmark era”. These days, I’m like you, I’ll use anything for a bookmark…even a lumpy pen. Cheers!


  3. Bryan says:

    I work really hard to keep my books in the best possible condition. And I get grumpy if I accidentally crease one of my spines! That picture you posted makes me cringe!!


  4. That poor book!

    I can’t break the spines like that. I generally don’t dog ear pages, either. However, I will eat with a book, so several have chocolate smudges or soup splashes on the pages.

    I have several actual book marks, but I usually just use the receipt or other scraps of paper.


  5. laurenlola says:

    I always treat my books as if they’re made of glass, to keep them in the best condition possible. However, I don’t always get the desired results.


  6. Geo Sans says:



  7. Currently re-reading my novel series and marking up changes for next edition. So definitely scribbling in my copies.


  8. If it’s one I love? I duck tape the spine because I can’t bear to throw it out. Even when I spring for a new copy, i’ll keep the duct taped version on the shelf. Hence why 3/4 of my Anne McCaffrey books are a duct taped mess! But, still readable!


  9. Either I use a bookmark or a homemade one out of a tri-folded sheet of paper. Might be due to me wanting to keep the pages as smooth and crisp as possible for the sheer fact that I tend to let other read the book or introduce them to said book. A first impression sort of thing in a way.


  10. Here’s a very relevant pic. My recent adventures – fussed to get the non scuffed paperback of Kevin Hearne’s Hounded, knowing I’d ruin it within the first read through anyway… Also managed to trip, throw a book and a coffee so they kind of melded in mid air like captain planet. *sigh*


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  12. equinoxio21 says:

    Oh. no, no! That’s a no-no. spine-breaking? Poor things! πŸ™‚


  13. Nyambura says:

    I almost never dog-ear pages, the sound of any book’s spine breaking makes my lip quiver, and raggedy looking edges…Oh, I CAN’T…TOO MUCH, THIS…


  14. Tempest says:

    Seeing that picture makes me want to cry. Books shouldn’t be treated like that.
    Most of mine are perfect, or neatly. The ones I read the most are slightly yellowed.
    One thing I have to do is with hardbacks. I remove the dust jacket and put it flat in a special drawer. I don’t like them, they get in the way and slip, getting tattered around the top and bottom.
    Just nope.


  15. Sam says:

    I break spines, but not to the folded-over extent. I also underline a few passages while reading; if something really speaks to me. Jury’s still out on dog-earing pages. I need to find a way to get back to those awesome passages.

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  16. I have this almost religious reverence for physical books. The first accidental crease in a page, the first fingerprint on the cover, the first lines of wear on the spine… these all make me a little sad. Of course, some of my old favorites from youth look so very worn, I have one where the cover is obscured by white from having rubbed off.

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  17. My books are all definitely well loved, bent covers, yellowed pages and the occasional tea spillage are always signs of many hours lost in its story. Ive never been a big dog earer – remembering the page number is an old habit, i lose bookmarks far too easily!


  18. Really try to take care of them – just in case our technology is off or there is a pause in access. A book in hand is always wonderful. I do write in books that I love and plan to keep forever! You really know how to make people think woman!


  19. jclfaltot says:

    I write in nearly every book I read. Unless I borrow it. Then I must restrain myself greatly.

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  20. Erica Lynn says:

    I used to dog-ear my pages, but I stopped doing that once I started appreciating my books as more than tools for school. Now I use bookmarks, but I get what you mean by a desire to have books that feel used and loved well – so I write in the margins, I underline, and I break the spines, but I never eat while reading because I hate crumbs in books.


  21. I treat my books very well…probably TOO well. I try to keep the spine from breaking, NEVAAAR fold them over, and dog-earing is a criminal offense! I use bobby pins all the time to bookmark XD I’ve had books that end up looking BETTER than when I first bought them, after a little fixing up and pressing them to keep the paperback covers from flipping up.


  22. Heather M. says:

    I like for my books to look brand new when I finish them. That said, I love buying books from a used book store that has a broken spine. I wonder who had it before me and what they were doing in between chapters. While I won’t dog ear my own books, I find it fascinating to find a used book that has been dog eared, especially if it’s in the middle of a chapter. Maybe I put too much thought into a battered book.

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  23. I cannot dog-ear pages. Even just witnessing someone folding the corner of a page down sends an unpleasant chill down my spine. My husband and I once got in a huge fight about it.

    But, I love a healthy crease in the spine. Though if the spine gives the book might as well be dead.

    I try and keep food and drinks off my books, but I love food, so that doesn’t always work out so well.

    After 2 or 3 read-throughs, I’ll take notes in the margins, or write definitions for words I don’t know. But never on the first read.


  24. Beth Caplin says:

    Ahhhh!!! Not the spine!!! Anyone who borrows my paperbacks must sign a Book Borrowing Agreement (not unlike Sheldon Cooper’s roommate agreement) not to touch my spines!!

    Just kidding. Maybe πŸ˜‰


  25. davemstrom says:

    I cannot bring myself to harm a book. I cannot break spines or dog-ear pages. In college, I found it difficult to underline in a textbook. I can’t write in them. I always cross out somebody else’s long essays in used book margins as to how much he hates the book, I can decide that myself, thank you very much.

    All rules have exceptions. I would find it hard not to harm Atlas Shrugged, which I will have to read more for research. My superheroine Holly would throw that book across the room. And through the wall and into the next room.


  26. booksnbakery says:

    I literally cringed when i saw the picture of the book folded like that! Ouch! I can’t handle it when I see a book folded over like that. I don’t mind if i buy them with the spine broken but heaven forbid if i do it! i make sure people know how to hold one of my classic books before i leave it in their hands. i’m that picky , but my husband is worse!


  27. S. Toman says:

    I’m pretty gentle with my books, but once in a while I dog-ear a page, leave the book open side down to save a page, or it gets crunched inside a backpack.

    The worst thing that’s ever happened to one of my books is that I put it inside my backpack in the same pocket as my watercolor paints. I thought the paints were dry only to find out later they were not. Blue and green splotches leaking onto the pages. That poor book was then later loaned out to a classmate…who lost it and gave me a different copy in its place thinking I wouldn’t notice. Pages falling out, all sorts of wear and tear. I was not happy. Once in a while I wonder what ever happened to that book, and what adventures its had without me.


  28. CJ RenΓ© says:

    I let the reading do what it is going to do. I love the moment the book spine lets go under my hands; I change the book (physically) while it changes me.


  29. 2youth says:

    I like to find small paperback semi-classics and carry them around in my knapsack everywhere I go until they are tanned and scuffed. Some will get read and some will just hang out with me. One of my favorite books is a copy of Ray Bradbury’s ‘Martian Chronicles’ that I found in pieces in a University lobby and carefully bound back together with packing tape over the spine.


  30. Michael Roberts says:

    Too damage a book to me is near sacrilegous (to stretch the truth a little). I dislike how books get slightly dirty rummaging around in the bottom of a bag. I was once tempted to cut the “good” stories of an anthology to make it more manageable, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I never use a bookmark, my brain remembers page numbers easily.


  31. Michael Roberts says:

    The words of a book should crush our emotions, not us their spine. πŸ™‚


  32. ProfeJMarie (Janet Rundquist) says:

    I think I felt a jolt of physical pain seeing that photo of the purposefully broken spine. Oh dear.

    That being said, while I am sad to see a book fall to tatters after a time, I am not upset or angry because a book falling apart is a book well read. I love to keep them in the best shape possible for as long as I can, though.

    For hardcovers, I will often remove the jacket so that it doesn’t get ragged while reading it. No dog-ears and for paperbacks, I will alternate how I set it down on the table (front cover up or back cover up) so that it ends up staying as flat as possible when shut. πŸ™‚

    But hey, if you want to break the spine of your own books – by all means! (Just don’t do it to mine that I lend. πŸ˜€ )


  33. WhitneyDawnWest says:

    If a page in my book rips, I feel like a part of me has shattered as well. As odd as that may seem I cannot bring myself to write in a book. It seems destructive to me. I am a bit of a perfectionist and I like to keep things neat and tidy. The idea of writing in a book is terrifying to me.

    Writing in a book seems permanent to me. If I need to remember something from a book I find a post it note and place it in the book. That way I can always edit my writing.

    When I need to stop I usually reach for something near by to save my place. I tend to lose bookmarks. More often than not my bookmark ends up being a crinkled receipt I found in my purse.


  34. I sometimes write in my books or mark some things I like, like a quote or something! I like looking through my books after some time and read the marked places. it makes me remember why I marked them. I don’t think that writing in books is awful – that makes my books really mine, they are then really personal πŸ™‚ and it’s not like I plan to give them away or something so why don’t write or mark something?


  35. Fille says:

    The thought of breaking the spine makes me cringe! I try to keep my new books looking new as long as possible. However, I sometimes like when a book looks worn, it shows it’s well-loved. πŸ™‚


  36. kkrige says:

    Never would I dog-ear a book! I use receipts, kleenex, cards from my daughters or whatever is handy if a bookmark isn’t about. And a broken spine is a sad thing, though I’ve bought many a book from used book stores and garage sales that sometimes don’t even have covers, let alone intact spines.


  37. lunix1583 says:

    Same here! I love to break the spine of a new book – but I have an enormous collection of bookmarks because I can’t abide folding the pages. My boyfriend hates lending books to me, because he likes to keep them neat – but a good book needs good love!

    I also like to fold the book over, one of the reasons I prefer paperback to soft back (and won’t buy an ereader. You can’t fold ereaders! :p)


  38. fireflyin says:

    I try not to read books anymore. I’m all about the e-book.


  39. I don’t break the spines….I read it once or a couple times then it goes to my bookshelf a.k.a personal library πŸ™‚

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  40. lelaj says:

    I treat all my books like a newborn baby. I cannot dog-ear pages, break its spine, or let the edges of the cover fray. My books are my children.


  41. Tessara says:

    I have just recently been comfortable with dog-earing pages (started primarily with textbooks), but I never intentionally break the spine. Unlike a couple other commenters here, I never sell books back. I keep them forever, basically. Occasionally, I lend a book or give it away, and then I will often buy myself a replacement. I don’t tend to write in books, unless it is for school or study.

    (I do, however, write in the bibles I read, because I feel like it’s an important text to engage with, rather than passively consuming. I own multiple translations for this reason–to see how it has been put forth by different people, and engage with the differences between the translations.)


  42. DanaSquare says:

    I only break the spines on mass market paperbacks. I never dog ear. I take care of my finished copies like they are children but arcs I tend to ruin!


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