Do you pay attention to your blog traffic?

This blog is coming up to its one year anniversary. September 26, 2013 was my first ever blog post. The post that started my love affair with blogging. Since that post, I’ve somehow accumulated:

6,923 blog comments

My posts with the most comments include:
1. Shameless Self-Promotion, Part One (328 comments) & Part Two (163 comments)
2. About (277 comments)
3. Questions for Aspiring Authors (120 comments)
4. Do you have many writer friends? (117 comments)
5. Do you read books by indie or self-published authors? (113 comments)

What an amazing commenting community! Thank you all so much! Blogging feels so rewarding sometimes.

I love stats. I check mine all the time. Literally on a daily basis. I like to see which posts are doing well and which aren’t. If my traffic is up or down. I find it really interesting. Do you pay attention to your blog traffic? Or do you post without really thinking about it?

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Book blogger & aspiring author.
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60 Responses to Do you pay attention to your blog traffic?

  1. Okay, I (we) do check our stats often. Traffic is light most of the time, with occasional peaks. Your stats are very impressive–how did you do it?


  2. Joseph Nebus says:

    I follow my statistics nearly obsessively, but haven’t got so much of a readership, and I’ve never been able to get a commenting community going. But my blogs are about mathematics and about humor, and it’s hard to get people talking to one another in those topics.


  3. willalan64 says:

    and congratulations on your first year of blogging!!!


  4. rebeccalakey says:

    I get a handful of likes but not many comments, and I’ve had about three unfollows lately. Sometimes I think that it’s because my blog isn’t really focused on one subject yet, but then I see that a lot of the unfollows were from blogs that were clearly just marketing blogs looking for a follow back. This wordpress thing is a bit tricky. Knowing if you’re progressing in the right direction is even trickier.


  5. fireflyin says:

    I pay attention, but I get almost no traffic. So it’s not hard. 🙂


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