Bloggers, where do you find your blog post inspiration?

In general, I’m pretty good at coming up with ideas for blog topics. Most of the time they just appear in my mind and work out! But every now and then I’m stumped on what to post. I imagine this happens to a lot of us. It’s probably the reason most blogs die slow and painful deaths.

Where do you find your blog post inspiration?

I find mine through google. I do searches like “blog post ideas for writers” and ultimately stumble across a gem of an idea. I also cruise Pinterest for quotes that I like and they sometimes trigger an idea also. I never plan ahead, I always just write posts by the fly of my pants. I know some bloggers have their blog posts planned out weeks in advance, but I’ve never done that.

Where do you find your ideas for your blog posts?

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65 Responses to Bloggers, where do you find your blog post inspiration?

  1. sonworshiper says:

    I’m in the “inspiration all around me” crowd. Anything can spark a thought or question, and I love to ask questions and consider implications. Things I think don’t make sense — aspects of military life, some of the political or cultural ideas people latch onto, certain ideas from my faith or how they get expressed in the church… any of those could make several posts.


  2. SarahClare says:

    If I’m really stuck I always find the ‘Literature’ section of my online newspaper of choice helpful (for me, it’s usually The Guardian) Because there’s usually some bold statement that an author or critic has made that gets me going either for or against! Heh heh.


  3. infinityreads says:

    I’m the kind of person that plans my posts as that’s what works best for me I’ve found. But if an inspiration does hit I don’t mind the odd spur of the moment post. It’s really cool how you just go with the flow 🙂


  4. Ashley says:

    When I get ideas I usually quickly jot them down as a draft and then save it so I can go back later to expand on the post. I schedule my posts to go public on a weekly basis and I try to avoid anything that sounds forced. I feel that if it’s not important to me, it will come through like that to my readers. I have gone a week or so without publishing a post as I was in a dry spell but I rather be quiet than fake.


  5. M T McGuire says:

    That’s really interesting. Usually at some point during the week I’ll read or hear something and think “oh I must do a blog post about that.” So I guess I’m fairly random.


  6. It depends on what’s on my mind. If I do a month of a certain topic then I usually write them all in one day and then spend the time editing them. Some posts stay as they were written and others vanish because something else on topic inspired me more. If I don’t have a theme for the month in mind I just write when it comes to me and then schedule it to post when it needs to. Pretty much life inspires me, but that definitely does not always keep me focused on one topic.


  7. sklase says:

    I blog by the seat of my pants as well, but it helps that my blog is mostly about sharing my failures and successes in writing. It’s easy pickings because I get a lot of rejections and a few acceptances. my one writer friend made a goal of 100 rejections in a year. It’s weird because there is a certain amount of pride even in rejection, because you are striving for a goal of getting your stuff out there.

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  8. I find topics are helpful and expanding my topics has expanded my blog. I started blogging just about travel, then added local explorations, running, and now my Happiness Project. I usually just update on any one of those topics and it works


  9. bookgeeking says:

    I do a bit of both, writing on the fly and planning. I write mainly reviews but I do some other posts, ones I need to do planning for, ones I need to get back to. I think my ideas just come to me, they may not always get the response I want but hey sometimes a post I do just so I have a post gets a better response that expected so it evens out.


  10. latinguru says:

    I get it from my pain, anger, or sadness. When that bus passes by I’ll look at my followers or the books I’m reading. Life in general plays a huge role for me.


  11. Kevin says:

    I find my inspiration in everyday life—something I experience, something somebody says, or something that’s on my mind.

    Sometimes, I stumble onto a theme or a routine. Last year at this time, I posted a note to Monday, saying we needed to talk. A friend of mine remarked that Tuesday was feeling left out, so I posted a note to Tuesday. This quickly turned into a daily thing; as of next week, I will have been doing it for one year (plus one week in which I ended up taking a break from the project). The thing I like best about this particular project is that it makes up for those days when I would otherwise not have anything to post.


  12. Mine always come to me at work, because my mind wants to be doing something (anything) else. I keep a piece of technology near by, something like Evernote on an iPhone and write it down for later.


  13. athling2001 says:

    I find my inspirations in things that come up in my life and thoughts swirling around my head.


  14. kookiekrysp says:

    I have problem with finding inspiration. Because my blog focuses on books, I never know what else to talk about besides books. lol
    I think over think things too much, and I need to just let go and have fun writing a random post every now and then. 🙂


  15. fireflyin says:

    I stumble across my blog post ideas in my day-to-day routine. Sometimes, though, it does leave me scrambling for something. Maybe I should look into googling too…


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