Writers, what does your blog say about you?

If you’re anything like me, you blog because you enjoy it. You post about topics you’re passionate about, and what other people want to see doesn’t really register, because your blog is a form of self expression.

But what does your blog really say about you?

I didn’t think too much about it until I got an email from a publisher that said this:

“By the looks of your blog, you are totally committed to your writing, and have since completed another YA novel. We’d be interested in seeing this if it’s ready for circulation.”

Which was fantastic, but it really got me thinking, wow… what does my blog say about me? Apparently I’m showing that I’m committed to writing, which is great, because I am. But I’d also hope that my blog shows I have a good work ethic, am professional, and passionate about life.

Do you post with the anticipation that what you write may be read by agents or publishers? And if so, what would you like your blog to reveal about your personality?

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26 Responses to Writers, what does your blog say about you?

  1. E.L. Wicker says:

    Great post and certainly food for thought! I had a little ponder after reading and I have come to the conclusion that my blog shows people that I am a klutzy dreamer. Hmm, perhaps I should stop listing the amount of accidents I have 😀 BTW – Good luck with the publisher 🙂


  2. Joy says:

    I love this post Jodie – it’s always inspiring to hear stories like this. And yes, like E.L. says, food for thought about what I put on my blog… I think it shows people who I am – for the most part! Good luck 🙂


  3. Candice says:

    Great post and a very interesting thought. What do our blogs say about us and why do we really write them? To be honest I haven’t thought about it to much. I mean I know that I write because I am passionate about books and love reading and want to share my knowledge and recommendations with other like minded people. But the process of setting it up and getting blog traffic is challenging and we can sometimes wonder if it is all worth it. I think that we need to remind ourselves why we are blogging and what we are hoping to achieve? Our we doing to for ourselves? Or do we want to help people and connect with others who might share the same interest? I think that when we can answer these questions we can decide that the work is worth it and it becomes more of a passion than a chore.
    Could luck with the book and I love your blog, let me know if you need to reviewed and I only be too happy to help.


  4. Tatum says:

    Thank you for sharing this great post. I look forward to more.


  5. I do mainly post for myself and in the hopes that people who read my blog get something out of it, but I certainly wouldn’t complain if somebody read it and asked me to write for something else!

    I’d like to think my blog shows that I have a logical and thoughtful approach to life, that I’m not afraid to explore new things, and that I’m well rounded with a good sense of humour.


  6. Katie says:

    I think the first thing people think when they see my website is that I’m into sadomasochism – or possibly Tom Lehrer. Although neither is necessarily true, I don’t mind that.

    According to some guy on Reddit, it gives off the impression of being “some pathetic woman’s sex-blog” because he didn’t like my theory on why women tend to get emotionally attached after sex (my theory: cause of oxytocin, the same hormone that makes sure that mothers get attached to their newborn). lol.

    What others think… well, who knows? I’m open to suggestions 😉


  7. CSknotts says:

    Words for thought for all writers. Thanks.


  8. Shari says:

    Your blog certainly does say that you are dedicated to writing and that you can generate an audience. You can always come up with interesting topics and it gets people talking. That’s what makes you a good writer. My blog says about me, I hope, that I am open and willing to share my successes and failures as I progress in my writing.


  9. Laurie says:

    Congrats on that email. I have no idea what my blog says about me. I do know that there are days when I think that perhaps my grandchildren will get a kick out of reading what their grandmother did and get to know me as a younger person rather than the old grandmother who just bakes them the goodies that they love. You are definitely on your way to the big leagues with writing 🙂


  10. Abbie Taylor says:

    I hope that people interested in buying my books will read my blog, and like you, I want my blog to say that I’m committed to writing and that I’m passionate about certain things.


  11. Dustin says:

    Not really, not. Mine simply consists of book reviews, which are originally post on my Goodreads page.


  12. Kathy Bentz says:

    My blog is about moving onward and upward although lately, it has become a journal as I wander through breast cancer. It has become my therapy, my mental balance, a way of unwinding the feelings I keep locked away… the perk of being the calm and cool mother on the surface! I would love to hear from an editor… congrats on your news… but right now I know that I am writing simply for myself and my own piece of mind!


  13. You got me to think and that is a good thing. Thanks!


  14. Congrats on the exciting email you received! One’s blog is important and this post is a perfect example of how one should consider their blog and how they want it to represent them and their work–whatever they do!


  15. Amanda Grey says:

    That is an interesting thought! I think I post for myself, mostly to prove that I keep going, keep writing, but I guess we are always preparing for the next project, too, so that’s definitely something to prepare for – what others, especially professionally – would think of our blogs! No pressure or anything! 😉


  16. Yvette Cazalet says:

    Hmmm no, I don’t like to think too much about the impression it might have on any agents or publishers – I’d rather not censor myself because of that. My blog was started purely to connect with readers and writers – to share my thoughts on the art of story and life. I’d probably put most agents off! But does it bother me? Not a bit. I have my path and that’s that. Am I committed? Probably should be!


  17. Yvette Cazalet says:

    On thinking more about what I’d LIKE my blog to say about me – well, it’s early days yet as its a new blog – but I hope it will show integrity. That would be the only really important thing for me.


  18. Your blog is always so inspiring and informing. Thank you. As a writer myself, I enjoy reading your posts. I would have to say that my blog says I am learning, growing and trying to help other aspiring authors. Congratulations on the novel and contacts. Happy writing.


  19. What an eye opener! I’m a book blogger, not an author, but I work as a part-time assistant for a few writers, and most of them have let their blog fall to the wayside, so the fact that you got an offer from a publisher because of your on-going commitment is interesting. Congrats, and thanks for sharing your experience!


  20. Kerri Koray says:

    Great post! I’m new to blogging, and I’m not sure how much of my personality shows in my entries yet. My writing has always been a little detached, but I’m trying to change that. I’m not far along enough as a writer to worry too much about an agent or publishers, but I certainly want my online presence to reflect positively on me. You never know who’s looking!


  21. Jarrod C says:

    I think my blog shows I am complex and layered. It shows the footsteps of my journey through my thoughts as I work to reconcile my past through narratives and poetry. It is my corner of the internet and my corner of the world. Here, I am free to be who I want to be without restriction, judgement, or approval. I can write what I feel and feel what I write. I write to grow and become closer to the person I want to be.


  22. Good insights. I think our blogs can promote our writer’s persona, reveal our personality and communicate who we are. Blogs are very individualized and allow us to share ourselves with others. In addition, the design—the look and feel—of our blog tells our readers, or those simply surfing by, something about who we are and what makes us tick.


  23. I was shocked when I got a reply from an agent two hours after sending her a query letter: “I took the liberty of looking you up online.” Of course, I research agents on line, but I just never stopped to think about the reverse. I’m right now redoing my online presence to be more integrated, getting rid of old websites and consolidating my blogs (I cringe to think she went to that old website . . . ). So, yes, what you post on the blog does matter. I hope mine shows my dedication to writing but also reflects who I actually am, messes and all.


  24. Joe Hinojosa says:

    That’s a scary thought. While I do write about what I’m working on, my writing projects, and even doing book reviews, I tend to stray off topic and talk about my life in general. Maybe my blog says I’m unfocused.


  25. I have struggled with this same thing a lot recently. Who I am v. What I put out for the world to see. It’s a constant struggle sometimes so it’s great to see that it paid off for you. Good luck!


  26. James says:

    When I started my blog, I did it primarily to establish a platform. So… yeah, I guess I began blogging in hopes that agents or publishers would check it out. Or, at least, check out the response to it.
    But as time’s gone on, I’ve been blogging more for me than any other reason.

    Also… did your blog change? Why do I have to type in my name?


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