How many books did you buy last month?

I almost forgot to post my book haul! And it’s too amazing to miss. So here’s my haul from September!

From the left, top down we have:

Atlantia by Ally Condie – Thanks to Penguin for sending me this one.
Waterfall by Lauren Kate – Thanks Random House.
After by Anna Todd – Thanks Simon Schuster.
Laurinda by Alice Pung – Thanks Black Inc Publishing
The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater – I bought this one
A Song For Ella Grey by David Almond – Thanks Hachette
City of Halves by Lucy Inglis – Thanks Scholastic
Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo – I bought this one

Nona & Me by Clare Atkins – Thanks Black Inc Publishing
A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall – I bought this one
Belzhar by Meg Wolitzer – Thanks Simon Schuster
The Anatomy of a Misfit by Andrea Portes – I bought this one
Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter – I bought this one
Envy by Sandra Brown – this one was given to me to read from a lady at work
The Never Hero by T Ellery Hodges – Thanks to the author for sending me this one
Immortal by JR Ward – Thanks Hachette

The Protected by Claire Zorn – Thanks to UQP | My 5 star review
Sandy Feet by Nikki Buick – Thanks UQP | My 2 star review
A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray – Thanks Harper Collins | My 2 star review

Meanwhile, it’s day three of NanoWrimo and I haven’t even started yet… whoops. Life has been a bit crazy. But hey, life always gets in the way and there is never an ideal time for writing. So if you’re like me and have gotten off to a crappy start, don’t give up!

Did you buy many books last month?

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19 Responses to How many books did you buy last month?

  1. Laurie says:

    Quite a haul 🙂


  2. Susan says:

    Wow that’s a big book haul! I didn’t buy too many I think about 3 for me and 3 as gifts.


  3. The Martian by Andy Weir. Saw him present at the Fremont CWC, he was most excellent. I read the book.

    Two superhero books by local writers! Nobody Gets The Girl by James Maxey and Playing For Keeps by Mur Lafferty.

    I think it was this month: How To Write Dazzling Dialogue by James Scott Bell.

    Another local writer book: Tommy Twice Born by Ameena Saeed. (Note: Has a great cover, but I am not sure how I will like the book. Ameena really believes in reincarnation. I used to, but that was in my previous life.)

    I still read about 20 comic books a month. I am really digging Ms. Marvel, Sensation Stories starring Wonder Woman, and (sound effects: SUPER NERDGASM!!!) Harley Quinn who has Power Girl as a guest star from this month till December, and I think I’m in love.

    P.S. Jodie, you are a lean, green, reading machine!


  4. Jen says:

    20 lbs of books last month! because that is what you do when you live abroad in a non-English speaking company and go back to the US for a trip. 20 lbs of books. (good thing the suitcase has a 50 lb limit)


  5. Len Berry says:

    I bought one book last month, a bargain hardcover of Forge of Darkness by Steven Erikson. I’ve been reading some of his Malazan Book of the Fallen series, which is wonderful in so many ways. Forge of Darkness is in the same world, but takes place in a much earlier era.

    I don’t buy books that often because I worked in a bookstore for six years and made a point to stockpile books during the times when we got a large discount.


  6. Shari says:

    Well, it’s used book sale season. Actually, it finished up. (Spring and Fall) here. So we bought literally bags of books. Often the last day of a sale is buy books by the bag, so we do that. Our house shows it. We have stacks of books literally everywhere in the house. We even have a bookcase in our kitchen.


  7. debb lavoie says:

    I like how you list books that have been given to you, good idea. I get some paperbacks from giveaways, would be nice to post them. How do you get paperbacks from big publishers?
    Love your blog 🙂


  8. Juliann says:

    This picture made my heart speed up. There is not a more beautiful site than a pile of books. 🙂 My mother got me a nightshirt last year that reads: Oops! I bought another stack of books.

    SOOOOO true. It’s hard to buy just one. I frequent used book sales and come home with bags full.


  9. Dustin says:

    Holy smokes, Jodie! Awesome book haul!!:)

    Unfortunately, I haven’t acquired any new ones lately..


  10. Grant says:

    Hi, Jodie

    So many books! Where do you find the time to read, write, blog, and socialise?
    Also, how did you rate the Oxford Dictionary? lol.


  11. Lemonie says:

    It’s book season, and that is a nice haul! I’m going to check out, The Protected, right now. I love to read the well reviewed books. I, too have a book obsession. I recently purchased , The Raven Boys. Happy reading! I love your blog.


  12. Logan Riley says:

    ah, I buy way too many books it’s hard to keep of them.
    Consumed, Broken Monsters, The Getaway God, King City.
    Those are just the ones I can see


  13. Wonderful book haul! September seems to have treated you well 😀 I’ve received a few of these from the publishers too which is super exciting and I can’t wait to dive into them. Good luck for NaNo, it’s going to be a tough month but I hope you make it to 50k!


  14. Mort says:

    I bought 10 books last Saturday alone XD 5 of them were for my giveaway, but still it’s an addiction. They just smell so goooood! Hope you find for NaNo soon. It’d be great to see what you come up with 🙂


  15. Swoosieque says:

    Oh my goodness! I am speechless with your haul and ashamed at my zero book purchases or borrowing. 😉


  16. This is quite a haul. Looking forward to your reviews. Really like to know how you like them.


  17. Debbie says:

    Thanks, Jodi, for visiting and liking my post!


  18. Wow, what an awesome bunch of books. I’ve possibly only bought about eight or so e-books last month, and one of them Amazon indicated to me that I shouldn’t buy it because I already bought it in July! Gah! I have so many books on my reader that I’m now forgetting what I have. I really must read more… or faster… and stop buying books until I read what I have… but some of them sound so interesting and I buy them for later so I won’t forget them. Cycle continues.

    As for NaNoWriMo… I didn’t get started until day 4, and I really should be writing now but I just had to see what you’re up to 🙂 Keep up the good reading/writing!


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