Blog Tour: The Devil Music by Carly Orosz

As part of The Devil Music blog tour, I am hosting an interview with its author Carly Orosz.

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Title: The Devil Music
Author: Carly Orosz
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Links: GoodReads | Book Website | Carly’s Blog


Cain Pseudomantis leads a miserable life. Bound to the mortal world by a powerful spell no demon could hope to break, he must obey his human master’s every command or face harsh punishment. He finds solace in the rock music which he listens to when he isn’t running unsavory errands for his master.

Then everything changes. While on a mission in a seedy section of 1980s Los Angeles, Cain impulsively buys an electric guitar and discovers an unusual talent for music, a talent that catapults him to hair metal stardom. With three superpowered human band mates and his beautiful girlfriend Michelle by his side, his life starts to look a lot better. But Cain soon finds that even rock stars have troubles.


1. Tell us a little about Devil Music
Devil Music is something of an experimental project. I originally envisioned it as a graphic novel, but I was pretty busy with grad school when I got the idea, so I started writing it as a straight-up novel in my spare time. Then I ended up liking where that project went, so I kept the novel and resurrected my original graphic novel idea in the form of a web comic that continues the adventures of the characters. The web comic is free to view on my website ( and is updated weekly. My hope is that the comic will help to broaden my audience a bit. Also, it’s just a lot of fun to write.

2. Describe your writing process?
Slow and cautious. I tend to kick concepts around in my head for quite some time before I start committing them to paper, and that process then involves a lot of playing and re-ordering and experimenting. That’s why I’m very strict with myself about setting aside a certain amount of time each day to write. The process may be slow, but I can keep it moving forward that way.

3. What is your ultimate writing goal?
My goal, at this point, is to get my work on the market and have people read it. But my ultimate goal is to be personally happy with what I wrote, whether 10,000 people or 10 people read it.

4. What are you reading right now?
I am very nearly finished with Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett (which I somehow managed to put off reading until I was nearly 30 years old–shame on me!) and I’ve started Dean Alan Foster’s wonderfully cheesy Spellsinger series from the 80s.

5. Who is your all time favourite author?
As much as I like fiction. I think my favorite author is Lucille Clifton. An excellent poet, and a very wise woman.

6. Do you friends and family support your writing career?
They do, quite enthusiastically. I think they were more excited when my proof copy of Devil Music arrived than I was! My dad has actually published a few books himself, and he’s given me some very good advice about the pitfalls of being a new author. I’m grateful to all of them for their help and support–particularly my husband, who did a good eighty percent of the legwork when it came to the technical aspects of putting the book together, like getting the manuscript formatted and finding an artist for the cover.

7. What are you working on right now?
A sequel to Devil Music, as well as the web comic. I’ve also been trying to blog more frequently; blogging is a good way for me to unwind and get my thoughts in order.

8. What is your advice for aspiring authors?
Keep at it. If you wrote something that you’re proud of, that you believe in, be persistent in getting it out there, both before publication and after (a much bigger part of being an author than most people care to admit is promoting your work, after all!) Also, get yourself a good editor. They’re well worth the investment.

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  1. Laurie says:

    Great interview 🙂


  2. Shanae says:

    Wow. Thats some great coontent you have.


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