Feature: Tabloid Teacher by Dominique Butler

Title: Tabloid Teacher
Author: Dominique Butler
Publisher: Lavender and Chamomile Press
Links: Amazon | Publisher

Tabloid Teacher E-book Cover

A big thank you to Dominique for taking the time to answer the following questions for Words Read and Written readers!

1. Tell us a little about Tabloid Teacher…

Sam Saunders is a quiet single mom who teaches elementary school and night school. She feels as though her life has grown a bit too quiet and the routine has her worried. Her instincts prove to be correct when a bet between her favorite movie star and his buddies lands her in the middle of a fake proposal. After the proposal is televised, Jake Jameson realizes his actions appear immature and will not go over well with the studios. He asks Sam to play along and make the world believe the proposal is real. Feeling as though she should throw caution to the wind and enjoy the moment, Sam agrees and finds that her quiet life is now exposed to the world. Jake is faced with a possibility he hasn’t really considered, life with a family. Sam tries to protect her kids and her heart while the two figure out what it is they really want.

2. Describe your writing process?

My writing process is probably not as organized as I’ve read it should be. Basically, I get an idea and I have to rush to a computer or my cell phone and start writing. Yes, I do write on my phone sometimes using speech to text. If I have a friend willing to read what I’ve written I ask them to read it. Getting feedback on what they enjoyed spurs me on to continue the story. About halfway through I tend to lose momentum. Then things get shelved for a while until I get another idea. Then I force myself to finish one thing before starting another. Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t. I also like to sign up for Nanowrimo and Camp Nanowrimo, but I have yet to complete something for that. I will continue trying.

3. What is your ultimate writing goal?

My ultimate writing goal is to live on a sailboat in the middle of the ocean and write. Of course, whenever I see a mountain I think, my ultimate writing goal is to live in a cabin and write. Basically, living a simple life and writing is my goal. Originally, I wanted to write paranormal suspense. However, whenever I start writing that genre I have nightmares so I have to stop. I started reading chicklit books and I really enjoy them. I love just laughing along with the characters and their misadventures. However, a lot of the books I would find were about young women, starting off in life. I don’t identify so much with them since I am older and have kids. So I want to write chicklit with women in their late thirties to early to mid forties who are balancing a lot.

4. What are you reading right now?

Currently, on my phone is Adrianne Lee’s book You Don’t Know Jack. It’s a lot like the Stephanie Plum series.

5. What is your advice for aspiring authors?

My advice is to write what you like. I think sometimes people are afraid to go off the beaten path, but some of the most successful authors have done just that. They’ve created entire new worlds that other people grow to love.

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  1. Laurie says:

    Nice interview 🙂


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