What keeps you returning to certain blogs?

I stumbled across this question somewhere around cyber space and it really resonated with me… what keeps you returning to certain blogs?

In all honesty, I don’t really have any blogs I visit religiously. I don’t have an internet connection at home at the moment so my internet browsing is sporadic at best. So I’m interested to know if all you readers/writers out there visit the same blogs over and over, and if so, which ones?

What blogs do you visit all the time? And what keeps you going back to them over and over?

Lets share our favourite blogs around cyber space! And more importantly, think about what these blogs are doing to drag you in again and again.

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13 Responses to What keeps you returning to certain blogs?

  1. 80smetalman says:

    Most of the blogs I like I get direct from email, including yours.


  2. bklynboy59 says:

    it is the subject matter that will have me follow a blog.


  3. Dorne Whale says:

    Blogs that are a bit different catch my eye and keep my attention. If the blogger comes across as relaxed and friendly, they get my vote. Also, if they provide great information and ideas, such as this post.
    So, I’m going to reblog on Write Dorne.
    Thanks for the inspiration.


  4. Dorne Whale says:

    I can’t see a reblog button to reblog… pity!


  5. Dana says:

    I’m pretty particular about the blogs I follow but once I click the button, then if the post shows up in my Reader feed, I’m going to click and check it out. Right now I have a list of over 30 that I follow, and of those perhaps only half are active, meaning the authors post something on a regular / frequent basis.

    What draws me in is the writing – is it witty, thought provoking, grammatically correct? Does it look as if the writer cares about their subject matter? Do they have a different point of view on the topic than I do? And what can I learn from them?


  6. Shari says:

    http://enchantedspark.com/wordpress1/ Melinda Moore’s blog especially for Spark Tally Friday or Saturday sometimes to record how many words I wrote this week. Keeps me accountable

    http://ryanlanz.com/ A Writer’s Path for so many things. Inspiration point, Under the Microscope. He has so many writer’s helps I can’t list them all!


  7. Chuck Junk says:

    I turn back to bloggers who interact with me–first thing, each time, I look at the blogs of people who have liked or commented on mine. Then, I look at a few of my favorites, many of whom have become so by way of an undefinable rubric based on technical skill, degree of my interest in their subject matter, interaction and, finally, authorial charisma. I will read some stuff about stuff I have no interest in reading about if the author is skillful, or charming or, well, you get it. Next up, I look to bloggers who like the blogs I like. I thought, when i started my blog, that I was hoisting myself up on a soapbox–but it’s turned out that it’s more like I’ve joined a book club.


  8. What draws me back?

    New posts. Emails about new posts. Interesting posts about my interests.

    On my blog, I hate when I see no views for the past 48 hours. Argh! That makes me put up a new post. And somewhere in the post, I try to leave them laughing.


  9. I like well-thought out, reasoned blogs filled with advice and inspiration about writing, whether it’s grammar tips to character building. But, perhaps most importantly, I like blogs that are conversational and not condescending or vulgar in tone. I’ve come across a lot of bloggers who feel like they have to swear every other word or be mean and insulting. That just comes across as fake and desperate for attention. No thanks.


  10. Helen says:

    What keeps me coming back is a combination of different factors:
    –the overall layout and appearance of the blog
    –the writing style
    –the topic ( I prefer topics that I am personally invested or interested in )

    Thanks for liking my post. 🙂


  11. Heather says:

    One of my favorite blogs is Rubber Shoes in Hell. It’s heartfelt, brutally honest and often funny.


  12. Julie says:

    I like blogs that make me laugh and that I can relate to in some way. Most of them are written by other female writers because it helps to know you’re not alone out there. 🙂 I have my favorites listed on my blog.


  13. Nicola says:

    For me I think the biggest thing is voice. I only seek out blogs dealing with topics that interest me, and I quickly click away from those that seem ill-informed or don’t provide real value, but it’s the blogger’s personality and voice that separates the objectively good blogs from the ones I subscribe to. It’s hard to pin down what exactly makes a particular blog appealing, but it’s some combination of grammatically-correct writing, knowledge and understanding of the subject matter, and allowing a genuine, friendly personality to shine through in the writing.


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