February 2015 Wrap Up

I have to say… 2015 is getting off to an epic start! I have had a great year so far and I hope everyone else can say the same 🙂

Here is a wrap up of my month:

My Book Reviews in February:
Wild by Sophie Jordan – 4 stars
Soulprint by Megan Miranda – 3.5 to 4 stars
Sublime by Christina Lauren – 2 stars
Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard – 2 stars

My Author Interviews in February:
—- Charlotte McConaghy
—- Lori Reisenbichler

What I’ve been up to this month:
1. Sunny Coast Trip – This month I went up to the very beautiful Sunshine Coast with my mum for the book launch of Akarnae by my good friend, Lynette Noni. Check out my wrap up of the event here. It was a great night!

2. The Gym – If you read my January Wrap Up you would know that last month I joined the gym. This month I continued my commitment. Body Pump on Monday, Body Combat on Tuesday, Body Balance on Wednesday and then another class on either Thursday or Sunday. That’s my routine! I don’t have a great love of exercise, but I have to say, I feel great! I have so much energy!

3. Dating! – I’m newly single as of November last year… This month I went on a few dates, which was exciting. I’ve never really “dated” before… guess I’m just at that age now where dating is what happens, instead of being young and hooking up at parties, haha.

What have you been up to this month?

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3 Responses to February 2015 Wrap Up

  1. What!? February is already gone. No fair! I was just starting to get hot! Well there is always March and then April….

    Hey I’m with a gym as well…. sometimes its dreaded sometimes I look forward BUT I am always happy I did it when I am through…

    The only thing I have really done in February is to focus more……have deliberate goals and deadlines set and to meet them..

    I am getting more active with my new found sport I found ….FENCING! love it…its very addictive…

    Started it this same time last year….and can’t get enough of it…I hope to keep getting better and better in the sport…;plus it adds more realism if I ever write a fighting scene with swordplay…:)

    Hope through new focus to Finish my Novel my June…crossing fingers.

    Enjoy the dating scene…hope it doesn’t get too old too quick….I have a feeling some guy will snatch up sooner than later though …:) take care


  2. My February was so wild with amazement, I had to write an entire post to sum it up. I, of course, had to shout your amazing blog out, Jodie, for giving me the inspiration. Thank you <3!!

    I made some amazing professional and spiritual strides in February, like new milestones on my blog, performing spoken word at an open mic, getting out the house more and even applying for an entrepreneur program for my business.

    Yet, I have still haven't re-engaged myself into fortifying my fitness habits. So, that's one of the biggest goals for March. Your gym goals have definitely helped inspire me to get back on the wagon. I absolutely concur that 2015 is off to quite the magnificent start! Thus, my anticipation for what March holds is that much grander!

    Much love to your and your sunny coastal drives, as I hope you have many more in March (I'm currently stuck in the U.S' bitterly cold, North East). Best wishes for an abundance of joy and peace to you, this March!


  3. pavanneh says:

    That sounds like a wonderful month you had. The trip, the dates, the interviews. I hope March is even better.


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