What is the most outlandish thing you’ve done to access the Internet?

I was going to update my blog with something completely different today, but considering my circumstances right now, I have been inspired to discuss another topic.

Right now, at this very second, I’m sitting in the front seat of my car, halfway down a 1km driveway using the hot spot on my mother’s iPhone. It’s 8pm at night, pitch black and I have my Macbook Air open in my lap writing this.

Why am I half way down a driveway in my car? Because our Internet at home is down, and we live out of town, so I get better reception to tap into a hot spot down here, lol.

Which got me thinking… what is the most outlandish thing you’ve ever done to access the internet?

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5 Responses to What is the most outlandish thing you’ve done to access the Internet?

  1. I’ve done something similar and driven to where I can get 3G so I could do something. I’ve also bought coffee when I didn’t need it to access wifi from a coffee shop (overseas).


  2. Currently, I go to the bathroom in my office building. The guest WiFi from another company in the building is in range and I access the net, on my phone, while taking care of ‘business’. Years ago, my landline wire was cut with a weed eater so I ran a long phone cord to a neighbors house and used their landline for dial-up.


  3. Crystal says:

    I can’t think of anything, maybe when I used to access the internet through landline, sometimes the phone cords would be broken and I would have to find all sorts of thins to keep them plugged into the wall outlet, which probably looks more silly than it sounds 🙂


  4. Laurie Nichols says:

    Great share 🙂


  5. Liza Barrett says:

    The most desperate thing I’ve ever done to get internet was drive to a hotel and mooch off of their internet from the parking lot. I had homework due online that evening, didn’t have an internet available at home, my phone’s signal was shot to hell and the hotspot wasn’t working, and my computer didn’t want to connect to the wifi at the nearby McDonald’s. It was bad.


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