Do you keep books or give them away once they’ve been read?

I admit it… I’m a HUGE book hoarder. I keep all of my books, even the ones I didn’t like and should probably donate to a second-hand bookstore.

I’m not really too sure why I hold on to books… I think I’m in love with the idea of building my own library.

Do you keep books once they have been read? Or do you give them away?

Do you keep books or give them away once

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20 Responses to Do you keep books or give them away once they’ve been read?

  1. jay says:

    i keep my books, but when somebody borrows, i don’t expect it to be returned.
    I have a roomful of books in the Philippines but in 2009 when typhoon ketsana flooded our home, i lost everything. i don’t give emotional attachment to books after that. When i worked in cambodia for 3 years, i had a pile of books, but i left it when i transferred to Myanmar. Now a pile is also building up in my apartment in Yangon.


  2. SB James says:

    I keep most of them, even the ones that are starting to fall apart. I have donated a few to Goodwill, recently, when I moved to a new place. Typically I don’t give away fiction books, but there have been some non-fiction that I simply don’t need anymore/got outdated, so holding onto them would have been more trouble than they were worth.
    I’ve been unpacking all the books I kept and now I’m wondering how I managed to fit them all before!


  3. Shari says:

    I do both. If I really like a book, I usually keep it. If it’s not important, I give it away. If I really, really like a book, sometimes I get a second copy for someone else.


  4. I keep all of my books I will have my library one day!


  5. Jean Cogdell says:

    There was a time I kept every book, good, bad or whatever. No longer. I read the book and pass it on if it’s in hard cover. However most of my books are now in e-format. I love my Kindle Paperwhite. On occasion I do purge some of the books from my Kindle library that I have no intention of ever reading again but having the ability to archive my e-books is great. @jeancogdell at Jean’s Writing


  6. If I liked the book, I keep it. If I didn’t, I give it away. I also go through my book shelves about every two years to make sure that there is reason to keep all books there. I’m glad I do this. If I didn’t, I don’t think I’d have enough space regardless of buying new shelves. 🙂


  7. Camilla says:

    I keep my books, at least the ones I liked. In theory, I might give away the ones I didn’t like, but what sort of present is that, really? Who would want the ones I didn’t like? So far, they’re all still here. 🙂 And I really, really want a whole library of my own.


  8. I’m trying to force myself to donate books that I doubt or know I’ll never read again. But, I’m a compulsive hoarder when it comes to books — particularly classics and guilty pleasures. 🙂


  9. Brix says:

    I used to keep books. Then we moved. I got rid of a lot of them. Then I got a Kindle. Less real books to hoard. I kept the ones I really loved and never know when I’ll want to revisit. Now the new ones I do keep are usually given away at Christmas Book exchanges. I will never lose my love of a book in my hands.


  10. Eleanor says:

    I keep my books. I love my books. I even have some duplicates and I can’t bear the thought of giving them away. LOL


  11. I too am a book hoarder, I love them too much to part with them. 😀


  12. Abbie Taylor says:

    Because I’m visually impaired, the books I read are all electronic, either in recorded or text format, and I delete them after I finish reading them to make space on my device for more books.


  13. Andy McKell says:

    I kept the books I enjoyed, for future re-reading, and those I couldn’t “get into”, for later attempts. I now have a library of books dating back to the 1960’s. I decided I shouldn’t leave too much clutter for my kids to sort out, so began to re-read one a week with a view to handing them to charity shops. However, the ones I love I still can’t bear to part with. And, sadly, most of the books I couldn’t get into at first attempt escaped me at this latest attempt. So the only ones I am passing to charity are the worst ones in my collection. (Guilt feelings.)


  14. Crystal says:

    If the story is moving or powerful to me and I know I will revisit it again, I keep the book. Otherwise, I tend to give books away once I read them, since I tend to not read them again and don’t have the room for them 🙂


  15. Summer says:

    I don’t think book hoarding is too uncommon, and I’m the same way. It’s even sadder that I own double copies of some titles, I’ll probably donate or give them away in a giveaway someday I’m hoping. And I know exactly what you mean about wanting to build a library. 🙂


  16. athling2001 says:

    I have a handful of best-loved books/authors that I keep. The rest I trade on Paperbackswap.


  17. julie says:

    I trade books on That way, someone else gets to enjoy the book and I get to enjoy more books for little more than the cost of postage.


  18. Jixi says:

    Great question… I am a hoarder too. I been trying to get them in digital form after the read and sale on amazon for the person who wants the physical copy.


  19. I keep them…to the point that my husband sighs every time I even look at a new book, ha.


  20. mich says:

    I love books and I keep them …


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