#30Lists Blog Hop!

This September I’ve signed up for the #30Lists Challenge. In a nutshell it’s a journalling challenge, where every day of September I’ll create a list based on a prompt posted that morning. It isn’t something I plan on posting here on Words Read & Written, but instead scrapbooked into my Project Life album.

As a warm up challenge, I figure I’d take place in the official blog hop. I’m a few days late, but hey, better late than never 🙂

For my stop, I chose the prompt: A Few Things About Yourself…

1. My name is Jodie – I’m a 28 year old Aussie
2. I live in a relatively small town, but I can honestly say that I love it
3. I adore all things related to reading and writing
4. I also adore Red Bull and chocolate
5. I’m a pretty upbeat and happy person. I’ve always been optimistic and positive about life
6. I’ve been lucky enough to do A LOT of travel. I’ve never exactly counted all the countries, but there are a lot I’ve traveled to
7. I have a tendency to get hooked on ridiculous reality TV shows like The Bachelor, Dance Moms, and Big Brother
8. My biggest aspiration in life is to be a published author. A dream that I haven’t been working on as much as I’d like.
9. My other major aspiration is to have a family. I’m pretty traditional. I’d love to get married and have kids.
10. I love to document my life. I keep a daily diary, Project Life, take plenty of photos… it’s something I’ve always done. I just love keeping a record of all my passions in life. I find it really fulfilling.

Now that I’ve rambled on about myself… tell me something about you!

About Jodie @ Words Read & Written

Book blogger & aspiring author.
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2 Responses to #30Lists Blog Hop!

  1. Abbie Taylor says:

    I’m visually impaired, and I live in Sheridan, Wyoming, where for six years, I cared for my late husband who was totally blind and partially paralyzed by two strokes. I’ve published a novel and two collections of poetry, and I just finished writing a memoir.


  2. Fatima says:

    I wish I could participate!


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