Bookish Gifts Feature: LillytalesShop

One thing I love just as much as reading and collecting books, is collecting other bookish merchandise. Whether it’s bookmarks, journals, bookends, mugs… if it’s associated with reading, then I’m all over it!

As a new feature on Words Read & Written, I’m going to profile some awesome bookish swag I’ve seen and loved online. If you have seen something you’ve adored and would like to see it profiled, let me know about it.

Today I’m featuring LillytalesShop – a shop that has grown organically through Kate’s enthusiasm for literature and aims to provide her Instagram followers with their very own Lillytales designed merchandise — Check it out.

Name: Kate
Business name: Lillytales
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Selling on Etsy since: August 2014

Why bookmarks: I’m completely passionate about books and reading, and after starting my book blog @lillytales on Instagram, I wanted a way to extend my connectivity with my followers. I started creating wooden bookmarks for fun and posting them to my fellow book bloggers, then it turned into my very own small business!
What inspires your designs: Books (obviously), art, design. I generally like to create bookmarks I’d like to own. Some of my favourites are the bookmarks with coloured illustrations which have nothing to do with books, I just like the pastel tones and geometric patterns.
You can find my products: The whole range of bookmarks (and other bookish delights) are available for purchase at and you can find my book blog on Instagram at @lillytales.
Book Recommendations: I’ve just finished reading Roxane Gay’s collection of essays, Bad Feminist, which had me fist-pumping and nodding with agreement throughout every page. I’m also really enjoying a book I picked up recently called ‘Dear Reader’ by Paul Fournel – it’s a very witty, clever story about a French publisher who has found himself in a state of transition between the old publishing world of paper and pen, and the future of digital publishing. Very interesting if you’re involved in the publishing world!

Kate was nice enough to send me my very own bookmark! Here it is modelling with my current read!

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