Book Review: Wild Crush by Simone Elkeles

Title: Wild Crush, book 2 in the Wild Cards series
Author: Simone Elkeles
Publisher: NLA Digital LLC
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Related: Better Than Perfect
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When the only girl you want is the one you can’t have…

Bad boy Vic Salazar breaks all the rules except one: Don’t make a move on your best friend’s girl. It’s a Guy Code that Vic lives by. It doesn’t matter that he’s had a crush on her for years. Monika Fox is off limits.

Monika has a secret of her own and when a tragedy throws her and Vic together, the only boy she trusts is the one she shouldn’t confide in. Vic.

As Vic struggles to keep his distance, and Monika struggles with her secrets, will their wild connection violate every rule both vowed never to break—about relationships, about friendship, about love?

Why I picked it up:

I’m a big Simone Elkeles fan, and I enjoyed the first in the series, so I picked this one up shortly after its release date.

My Thoughts:

Prior to starting this I was debating whether or not to re-read Better Than Perfect, but considering that novel featured Derek and Ashtyn, and this one featured Vic and Monika, I figured it would stand on its own.

Like Better Than Perfect, this book had problems for me…

I didn’t like Monika, which was a huge drama for me, because I have to like a female character to connect with the novel. My main issue with her was that she was never introduced as a unique character. She was introduced as Trey’s girlfriend and then a character under the control of her parents and her illness. She was never introduced as having any really likable qualities – I found her to be very “young” and incredibly hard to connect to.

The whole “book likes girl, girl likes boy, we’ve been friends for ages” is a story line I don’t particularly like. The problem with a pre-established relationship is that the reader doesn’t get to see the two characters meet and come together as a duo. Instead the reader is thrown into the story and expected to automatically believe that something has happened before, we just didn’t get to experience it.

I had the same problem in Jennifer E Smith’s Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between – there was pre-existing relationship there, but because I didn’t experience the two characters falling in love, I just couldn’t believe it. The same thing happened in Wild Crush. I understood that Trey was Monika’s boyfriend and Vic was a long time friend, but it didn’t feel real to me, because I didn’t read about it happening. Instead it all felt forced and unbelievable.

Because of that, I didn’t like and couldn’t sympathise with the characters. There was a lot of whining going on and when I wasn’t annoyed with the whining, I was annoyed because I couldn’t understand where their emotions were coming from.

I’m still a big Simone Elkeles fan, but I’m starting to think that she maybe peaked with her Perfect Chemistry series.

My Verdict – 2 stars

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3 Responses to Book Review: Wild Crush by Simone Elkeles

  1. Wendy Waters says:

    Why don’t you read some “grown-up” novels? These reviews are all starting to sound pretty much the same and is it any wonder? The plots are similar.


  2. Naomi Hop says:

    It’s hard to love a book when you don’t like the main characters. A shame that happened for you in this one!


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