Do you re-read a book before the next in the series comes out?

I’m currently re-reading Paradise City by CJ Duggan.

Back in March, it was a 5-star read for me, so I have no drama reading it again… but I’m not reading it for a second time because I loved it so much. I’m reading it because the second in the series just appeared in my mailbox (Thanks Hachette!) and I can’t start the second without re-reading the first.

I’ve always been that way. For example, when I was younger I would re-read the entire Harry Potter series in preparation for the next book coming out. And believe me, by the time the 7th book came around, re-reading the first six was no small task!

Another example would be a few months ago I started re-reading the Throne of Glass series before Queen of Shadows was released.

I always re-read books… because if I read a novel and a year later the second comes out, I’m struggling to remember who the characters are and what happened in the first one! Usually I have a rule – I’ll read the first and then wait until the entire series comes out before reading the rest – but it isn’t always that easy when you’re a book blogger and books are constantly arriving in your mailbox for review.

So I’m wondering – is anyone else a slave to read and re-read series?

Can you read the second without re-reading the first?

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9 Responses to Do you re-read a book before the next in the series comes out?

  1. Nicola says:

    It depends. Usually if I read the previous books less than a year ago, or I’ve read them more than once, I won’t bother, especially if my TBR is packed. However, that’s sometimes a bit of a false economy, as after I read the newest installment I go and read the previous ones anyway.


  2. Brix McDonald says:

    When the first Hunger Games movie was about to be released, I thought I’d reacquaint myself with the story. Once started, had to read all three.


  3. Widdershins says:

    Sometimes but then I usually have to read the previous books anyway. Besides which, there’s always something I missed the previous read.
    Love the pic of a summery OZ … getting ready for our first snow of the season here.


  4. I wish I was more inclined to re-read books. There are often times when I WANT to re-read or have every intention of re-reading a book or series, but I rarely follow through!


  5. tonyalee says:

    Awesome topic! Honestly, it all depends on how long it’s been since I read the previous book. Most series that I follow now have great recaps so I never felt it was necessary. I can see why maybe I should, to get me back into the world and/or the characters though!


  6. I’ve done a few re-reads before the next book comes out. I read so many series though, it would be impossible for me to do this for each one.I will do it for series that I love. If there aren’t a lot of books in the series it makes it easy. However, if the series started to get a lot of books or the books are long, you end up in the situation you were in with Harry Potter. I’m starting to limit the number of re-reads that I do because I’m wanting to spend my time with new stories, but if it has been a long time since the previous book came out, I might do a re-read. Great topic.


  7. Cee says:

    I try to reread a book before the next book in the series, but I always get incredibly behind and end up not doing it. It makes sense to reread before the next book because hellllllo book amnesia. I think I’m better at remembering what happened in the first book after becoming a book blogger, but maybe that’s just wishful thinking. ;D


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