Book Review: Paradise Road by CJ Duggan

Title: Paradise Road, book 2 in the Paradise series
Author: CJ Duggan
Publisher: Hachette
Genre: New Adult, Romance, Contemporary
Links: GoodReads


After a year on the coast, Lexie Atkinson can’t settle back into country life. She’s missing the glitzy, gritty nightlife of the big city and the group of misfit friends she’d loved to hate. She knows to move forward she has to go back – back to face the guy who stole her heart.

But when Lexie arrives in Paradise City to work out if her future includes bad-boy surfer, Luke Ballantine, he is nowhere to be found.

With no home, no money and no Luke, Lexie gets a job slinging drinks at the wild Wipe Out Bar. Soon her heartache is eased when broody bar owner, Dean Saville, starts taking an interest and stirs more than just her drinks. But nothing is ever as it seems in Paradise City and when Luke barrels back into town, Lexie has a choice to make. But who will end up with the broken heart: Luke, Dean … or Lexie?

Why I picked it up:

Paradise City (aka. the first in the series) was a 5-star read for me.

My Thoughts:

Gosh… let me first start by saying that I LOVED Paradise City. It was a 5 star read for me. It was fresh, light, sweet, cute, I fell in love with characters, and was sucked into the passion of the story.

In comparison, Paradise Road felt lacklustre, which sucks because there is nothing worse than a sequel that fails to live up to its predecessor, and I really wanted to love this.

My main drama was that nothing really happened. I got halfway into the novel and it felt like CJ Duggan was struggling to fill the pages. There were so many scenes shoved into the narrative that felt completely unnecessary. I found myself thinking c’mon, c’mon as though urging the plot to hurry up and make an appearance.

Even more frustrating than that was Lexie… I loved Lexie in Paradise City, but in Paradise Road I really disliked her. She was needlessly dramatic, self-absorbed, and selfish. I understand that the author was trying to show that she was growing up and coming into herself, but to me, she just seemed like a silly, spoilt child.

I don’t know… I guess this sort of lacked the magic of the first one.

My Verdict – 2 stars

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3 Responses to Book Review: Paradise Road by CJ Duggan

  1. Thank you for descriptive reviews.


  2. I wonder if the success of the first book caused the author to feel forced to write a sequel?


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