The Truth About Being a Book Blogger…

I’ve been a book blogger for almost two years now. It was in September 2014 that I sent out my first ever review request email, and in the subsequent two years hundreds of paperbacks showed up in my mailbox.

I mean, really, how awesome is being a book blogger! Not only do you get free books, but you get to share your love for reading with the world!

I think all book bloggers initially have that desire to be apart of EVERYTHING. You want to request every book in your favourite genre, take part in every blog tour, cover reveal, author interview and weekly meme.

But I think when you do that, when you saturate your blog with blog tours, just because you are building your blog and are excited to be one of the “chosen ones”… what happens is that all of your favourite books sort of get buried under all of that noise.

When I first started out, I was posting all my reviews to my blog. So my blog was riddled with 1 star and 2 star review books. It was saturated with author interviews who were promoting books I’d never read. I had books appearing in my mailbox that I knew I’d never get around to reading.

I suppose it’s a problem that all bloggers have. And like all book bloggers, who have been in book blogging land for a while, you reach a stage where you inevitably cut back.

If you follow Words Read and Written, you will notice I haven’t been posting very often lately. I’m still reading (70 books this year according to GoodReads), but my blog has become less of a “dumping ground” and more a place where I can promote and recommend the books and authors that I truely care about. And also a place where I can sum up what I’ve been up to and what I’ve been reading without getting too deep into the what’s and why’s.

So I think my blog will have a distinctly different feel and vibe as I move into my third year of blogging. But I’m excited for that.

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3 Responses to The Truth About Being a Book Blogger…

  1. Christa chn says:

    Thank you very much for sharing these useful tips. I have reviewed some books from my personal collection on my blog, but I have recently thought of asking people to send me their book for free if ever they needed a review, but then I realized that there might be books that I don’t find affinity, which means that the reading of the book will be dull in itself.
    So I guess that is something that’s better left aside for now šŸ™‚


  2. I takes a special skill to be able to accurately review books. It’s definitely not something I could ever do. I read a book I loved and even then all that comes to mind is, “It’s awesome, you should read it.” So..good work!


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