Author Spotlight: K.A Tucker

K.A Tucker has been around since 2012, so I can’t believe I never picked up a book of hers until 2016. But hey, better late then never! I have been devouring her novels lately and really enjoying them, so I thought I’d do a little wrap up post! My review ranged from 5 stars to 2 stars, but despite loving some books more than others, something about K.A Tucker’s writing just kept me reading and reading and reading.

Ten Tiny Breaths Series

Ten Tiny Breaths[Review]3 stars
One Tiny Lie[Review]5 stars
Four Seconds to Lose[Review] 2 stars
Five Ways to Fall[Review]4 stars

Burying Water Series

Burying Water[Review]5 stars
Becoming Rain[Review]5 stars
Chasing River[Review]2 stars
Surviving Ice[Review]2 stars

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  1. Jacob Airey says:

    Which series did you enjoy the most?


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