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TITLE: Chemicals Collide
GENRE: YA, Contemporary
STATUS: Complete – Seeking Representation

Sixteen-year-old Sara is convinced that her life is completely under control. Her grades aren’t perfect (she’s failing three classes), and her friends aren’t the best influence (she’s caught up in the gritty world of Speedway). But her grandmother always said that it’s important to keep up appearances and Sara’s façade is well in place. It’s almost as good as her mother who hides her crippling OCD.

But while her exterior is immaculate, Sara is falling apart. She spends the majority of her time cleaning the house to ensure her mother doesn’t spiral out of control. Between that, a part-time job, and her chaotic relationship with Speedway racer, Logan, Sara is beginning to believe that anxiety runs in the family.

Sara wasn’t raised to ask for help, but she needs to decide who she can trust before it all falls apart. It’s no longer just her grades on the line, but her first love, her health and most importantly, her mother.

Chemicals Collide delves into the world of obsessive-compulsive disorder. It tells the tale of a girl learning to stand on her own two feet with the help of those who want to build her up, not tear her down.

– 2014 NestPitch winner – Most Requested.


TITLE: Sector12
STATUS: Complete.

Seventeen-year-old Alexandra is ambitious and driven. She knows that one-day, if she works hard, she can build a career with one of the city’s top science organisations. But when she embarks on a six-week internship with the Xavier Corporation, all of her plans are pushed to the side when she meets Zentis, a sentient cyborg who is so lifelike he could pass for other teenage boy.

Zentis is smart and quirky, and Alex is surprised to find a mutual friendship brewing between them. But Zentis isn’t just another school friend, he is a cyborg and there are dangers involved in growing close to someone who is under the iron-fist control of his creators.

When Alex learns that Xavier is building an army of cyborgs, Zentis wants no part of it, and when the corporation threatens to shut him down, will Alex risk her career to help him escape the fate for which he was designed?


TITLE: Wrapped in Darkness
GENRE: NA, Urban Fantasy
STATUS: First Draft Complete

After being killed in a car accident, twenty-year-old Abbie awakes in the broken realm of Purgatory.


TITLE: Isla & Morax
GENRE: YA, Fantasy
STATUS: Nanowrimo 2013 – incomplete and one hot mess.

For Isla Maultravers, life has never been worse. She is being held prisoner in the King’s keep, forced to practice magic that stems from a bloodline so diluted that she can barely even perform the simplest of spells.

When an ancient brotherhood breaks her out of the King’s cellar, Isla knows that this is her only chance to be reunited with the twin sister she was separated from as a child. But the road to safety is treacherous, the King’s men are relentless, and when her rescuers fall in battle, Isla finds herself alone with Morax, an elite warrior, trained to assassinate the world’s darkest and most dangerous men.

Morax is emotionless and icy cold. Isla is a chaotic and scatterbrained mess. Perhaps the two of them could get out of this mess alive, if only they could stop bickering long enough to agree on the best path forward.

Will Morax return Isla to her sister? Or will he betray her tentative trust and lead her to an enemy, obsessed with wiping out her magical bloodline for good?

98 Responses to My Writing

  1. crazyguyinthailand says:

    Great 🙂


  2. Bookgirl says:

    Looking forward to reading Isla and Morax.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. dayya says:

    All three of those sound like terrific reading! By the way, thanks for visiting pendrifter! d:)


  4. bookgirl3608 says:

    Your books sound awesome! In defiently interested in reading them!


  5. Can you buddy me on Nanowrimo? I’m on there as ErinKenobi2893 (as opposed to un-capitalized, here. 🙂 ) and I always love getting in contact with new people!


  6. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I have found a lot of good material on yours that should keep me busy for awhile. Keep writing!


  7. Deidre M. Simpson says:

    Thanks for liking my post! Your material sounds pretty good. Maybe they’ll be films, too.


  8. Thanks for liking my post! I appreciate you stopping by and I hope you find something you love. On a designer resale blog, you never know WHAT will show up! I read these excerpts and they are very interesting. Following!


  9. T.J. Salazar says:

    Holy crap! You’re book, Wrapped in Darkness, sounds very similar to a project I started two months ago called, The Gray! That is so cool, because it’s a concept that you don’t see much anymore. Let me know how it goes, I would love to hear if there is a market for it or maybe run some ideas by you or vice versa. 🙂 I think you just became one of my favorite people.


  10. cafechica says:

    Wow, these look awesome, I love the science fiction and fantasy aspect!


  11. Right on! I just started writing my first novel, loosely sci-fi/YA as well. Thanks for checking in and I wish you well!


  12. amandagrey1 says:

    Oh, I like what you have here! Have you gotten anything published yet?


  13. LiLi says:

    Thanks, Jodie 🙂 You’re the first to put a ‘like’ on my blog. Interesting snippets you put on your writings. You are very good!


  14. would love to read your books when it gets published 🙂


  15. Thanks for visiting my blog. I like your story pitches…it’s a real talent!


  16. wlloydjr says:

    I am extremely interested in reading your books that you’ve pitched. Very creative. Keep up the hard work and dedication!


  17. Gill says:

    Love your writing. Someone is going to be real interested in publishing you one day. Wonderful ideas, lovely writing.


  18. Dane Tyler says:

    Hi, Jodie!

    I finally found a moment to track you down. I’m impressed with your new site – it looks great! – but I guess I won’t be able to view your posts in my WP Reader. Sorry I missed you there, but I’ll add your blog feed (if there is one) to my feed reader.

    Thank you so much for showing such great support for someone you don’t even know. I appreciate it.

    Take care and all the best in your writer’s journey!

    God bless,
    J. Dane Tyler
    Author @ /


  19. jademwong says:

    What creative and diverse ideas! I think I’m interested in reading everything, but Wrapped In Darkness stood out to me. Would love to see that on shelves one day. Good luck on your writing!


  20. maxima says:

    You are creative.Love your writing!With love maxima


  21. Kalisha says:

    Hello Jodie, I have spent the last year either publishing or finetuning all my multiple “hot messes” as you put it, so be encouraged we all never feel it’s where it should be. But KEEP WRITING! Much love, Kalisha


  22. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Best of luck with your writing.


  23. This is a heck of a plot line! Keep at it!


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